Klipsch ‘Behind The Screen’ Cinema Speakers Land in Australia

Posted on 17th June, 2021

Klipsch ‘Behind The Screen’ Cinema Speakers Land in Australia

Klipsch first announced its 'Behind The Screen' cinema speaker systems in 2020 to much fanfare, the announcement seemingly well-timed for the unprecedented recent popularity of dedicated home cinema room builds.

Klipsch has been a leader in professional cinema sound for decades and has now adapted its speakers to deliver the same cinematic experience for home use.

Designed and handcrafted in Hope, Arkansas, Klipsch's Real Custom Cinema (RCC) speaker systems are designed to fit most medium to large dedicated home theatre or media rooms for placement behind an acoustically transparent screen in 16:9 or widescreen formats. At just 20.25” deep, each modular bundle includes highly efficient horn-loaded left, centre and right channel speakers with either 3” or 1.75” compression drivers, depending on the system, and 15” woofers, and two 18” subwoofers. 

Peter Shamoon, Director of Sales & Marketing Australia, PREMIUM AUDIO Co, which distributes Klipsch, told StereoNET:

The new Real Custom Cinema range is one I'm very excited about. Last month we partnered with Lifestyle Store at the Sydney Home Show. This was by far the most successful partnered home show ever for us. Many enquiries came from those in the home building or renovation stage, and a simple wall art display of the RCC range generated tremendous interest to the dedicated home cinema market. These new products deliver breathtaking performance for those movie nights.

Your choice of RCC package is determined by the screen size and position in the room. The process is simple - order one of three Klipsch part numbers depending on the screen's width, cut the hole or build out a false wall, place the speakers, connect the wires, and hang the screen over the speakers. Klipsch says, “the modular false wall design will eliminate light creep behind the screen for a professional audio and visual experience.” Klipsch also offers its Professional cinema surround speakers or THX Cinema Series speakers, which are available separately to complement the RCC behind-the-screen speaker systems.

There are three packages to choose from, which include 3 x LCR speakers, and 2 x subwoofers - RCC-102 ($22,995 RRP) is suitable for 102”-111” screens, RC-112 ($24,595 RRP) is ideal for 112”-121” screens, while finally, the RC-122 ($27,595 RRP) suits screens larger than 122” and is available in mono-amp for traditional crossover off one amp, or bi-amp for an external crossover.

Klipsch recently moved to a subsidiary distribution model in Australia. The good news story for consumers is that this range is now 30% cheaper than they were under the previous distribution model. Klipsch RCC speaker packages are available to order now.

For more information visit Klipsch


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