StereoNET is a community of like-minded individuals sharing a passion for audio and music. As unique individuals from all walks of life and enjoying various aspects of audio, from Home Theatre to Stereo, headphones and more, it is necessary to have in place a specific set of guidelines to be adhered to. These guidelines ensure the long term future of StereoNET but also keep the community free of commercial bias. By registering as a member, viewing StereoNET content or participating as a forum user you agree to be bound by these guidelines.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Disclaimer.

General Guidelines

  • Flaming and Personal Attacks will not be tolerated.
    If a discussion thread is starting to get heated Moderators will intervene. Moderators will generally first attempt to deal with issues by posting in the thread with a warning that any further posts that continue on the same lines or encouraging further discussion detrimental to the topic in the discussion will result in the thread or post being locked. Members are encouraged to use the 'Report Post' function of the forums if you wish to bring the post to Moderators' attention.
    Rude, disrespectful, insulting or threatening behaviour or language, whether it occurs publicly or via personal messages, email or other forms of communication, is unacceptable and as is grounds for a warning, suspension or permanent ban.
    Try to be helpful to other members - No 'use the search button' or 'use google' type posts will be tolerated. Moderators will delete such posts and issue warnings to Members at their discretion. If you want to help another member perhaps less knowledgeable or possibly new to internet use then do a search yourself and post the relevant link to information to assist the member.

  • Recognise that different people come from diverse backgrounds, any may have differing beliefs and practices.
    Ensure that all your communications are appropriate and that they do not include anything that denigrates or vilifies or might be considered to denigrate or vilify a person, group or organisation on any basis (gender, race, religion, political beliefs, socio-economic status, sexual preference, country of birth, disability, physical characteristic, etc…)

  • Recognise that different people may have a different opinion or philosophy.
    There are many camps in audio and many people with different approaches to HiFi than your own. There are objectivists vs. subjectivists, valves vs. transistors, passive pre-amps vs. active pre-amps and so on. Go ahead and discuss these, even debate them to death, but do not make it personal, stay on topic and respect others' differing opinions.

  • StereoNET is a family friendly publication.
    Please ensure the content you contribute (images, text, video etc.) is 'work safe' and adheres to generally accepted community standards. Offending content deemed not suitable (for example, pornography, violence etc.) will be removed without notice. If you wouldn't talk about it your family dinner table, then it's probably not suitable here.

  • Public Criticism of Moderators or Moderators Actions is not permitted.

    If you disagree with the actions of a Moderator or for what ever reason feel the need to question moderator actions, do not raise or discuss the issue publicly - contact the Moderation/Admin Team by using the Report Post function and explain your point of view with supporting evidence. Please remember that often discussions take place out of public view and you may not be aware of all aspects of a situation that have led Moderators to take the course of action that is viewable to the public. Failure to follow this rule will result in account suspension.

  • Most of all, conduct yourself in a civil and fair manner and nobody will have an issue with you.
    We are all here in our spare time to share our passion with like minded individuals; perhaps even make some friends along the way. StereoNET will do all in its power to uphold this and protect the long term interests of the community.
  • Registration and use of multiple forum accounts, anonymous proxy services, and attempting to hide your identity is not permitted.
    Members are not permitted to register multiple accounts or aliases. Members found with more than one account in use with no reasonable explanation will have all accounts linked to them deleted. Members found to be using anonymous or third party proxy services will have their access suspended indefinitely. The use of VPNs is discouraged, and many of the IP addresses associated with VPNs are automatically banned by our system.
  • You will not necessarily have the ability to edit or delete your posts.
    StereoNET reserves the right to prevent editing of posts and its policy on allowing users to edit their own posts may change from time to time and without notice to you. If you really need something updated, Report your post to Moderators with the reason and the changes required. However, the decision whether to edit, hide or delete any content is strictly at the discretion of StereoNET.
  • StereoNET is strictly for private enthusiasts and consumers and not to be used for commercial purposes or advantage.
    With the exception of official sponsors, StereoNET is absolutely not to be used to promote a brand, product or company for financial advantage or profit.


  • By posting on StereoNET you automatically grant StereoNET, its publishers and its successors or assigns an irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable and worldwide right and license to modify, publish and reproduce that material in perpetuity without any compensation to you.


  • Anyone posting on StereoNET needs to give careful attention to what they say and how they say it. We are not a billboard for defamation of character/libel and we will act to censure those involved in such acts. Not only do you potentially expose yourself in such situations but, you also expose the forum to unwanted risk. Please ensure that your posts and messages are devoid of any defamatory content.

Commercial Interests Policy

StereoNET welcomes members with commercial interests, however, your contribution must be in accordance with these guidelines. These additional rules apply to you if you manufacture, retail, repair, design, or you are in any way connected to the audio-visual industry and receive income from the industry.

The reason these rules exist is to prevent advertising or self-promotion, as well as minimising conflict between members of the industry. StereoNET expects the highest level of professionalism from those working within the industry, and their conduct on StereoNET.


  • Signatures
    All commercial members are expected to declare their interest in their signatures. A brief description will suffice, for example: Manufacturer of XYZ Audio. You are not allowed to link to your external website, include contact information or use an image in your signature - the right to do these is reserved for SNA sponsors only.
  • Avatar / Profile Image
    You are permitted to upload an image or logo of your business.
  • You may not start a topic promoting your business or product, nor may you reply to a thread recommending your business or product. For example, if someone were to ask “what speakers should I buy?” you may not answer the question by recommending your speakers. The only exception is within the designated sponsor's area, and even then only by SNA sponsors.
  • You may not denigrate the product of a competitor, nor use SNA to further business disputes. This includes questioning of design choices, pricing, or making any slurs of any kind. It does not matter if you think your answer is factual, e.g. “brand XXX has a very poor reliability record”. Whilst it may be true, such statements are not allowed.
  • You MAY respond to specific questions about your product, but please keep your answers factual and to the point.
  • The Classifieds section is for private sellers only. It is not intended to be an outlet for secondhand gear dealers. Sponsors may use their Commercial Classifieds forum to promote commercial goods for sale.
  • Spam and blatant advertising
    This will result in an immediate ban for a first-time offence with no questions asked.

Classifieds Forum Guidelines

In addition to these Website Guidelines, a separate set of guidelines are maintained governing the use of the For Sale / Classifieds forums. You can read those here.

The Fine Print

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Use of StereoNET is a privilege that is allowed in the absolute discretion of Administrators. Website staff or volunteers may moderate, ban or exclude you from use of the website in its absolute discretion and without providing reasons to you for its actions. By registering with StereoNET or continuing to use it you expressly acknowledge this term and agree that it is reasonable, having regard to the nature of StereoNET.