Gallo Acoustics Releases Stylish New Lifestyle Audio Products

Posted on 15th September, 2021

Gallo Acoustics Releases Stylish New Lifestyle Audio Products

Gallo Acoustics, known for not making ordinary speakers but speakers that offer a unique styling and quality sound, has announced its Habitat spherical outdoor speaker, and RoomSub, a complementary range of subwoofers that marry with the company's speaker ranges.

Habitat introduces some much-needed style into the utilitarian outdoor speaker category. The all-stainless steel, IP66 rated Habitat range is derived from the timeless 4” and 5” spherical forms of the brand's classic Micro and A'Diva speakers. 

The Scotland-based company says it has completely reengineered its new product from the inside out, and implements its custom 3-inch waterproof driver, all-stainless steel enclosure, and a perforated stainless grille, to be equally at home in the sunshine as they are in the driving rain or sub-zero environments.

Available now, Habitat prices start at $469 RRP for the 4-inch Micro and $645 RRP for the larger 5-inch A'Diva.

The new RoomSub range of subwoofers has been designed to complement the company's entire loudspeaker line-up, from the classic 4-inch Micro to our Strada 2 and Droplet pendant range.

RoomSub is available in two size and power variants, the 8-inch woofer/200W rated RoomSub 8, and the 10-inch woofer/300W rated RoomSub 10. The down-firing RoomSubs are said to deliver bass frequencies down to 32Hz, “developing excellent definition and deep, rich bass – a signature of Gallo subwoofers.”

RoomSub 8 ($1,095 RRP) and RoomSub 10 ($1,495 RRP) are available now in a choice of satin white and satin black finishes.

For more information visit Gallo Acoustics


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