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Can anyone ID this cartridge please?


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If anyone could shed any light on what this is it'd be much appreciated.


Stamped made in England & the logo looks similar to the Pro-ject logo except I cannot find any reference to a Pro-ject cart?







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30 minutes ago, Citroen said:

Looks alot like the Goldring GX10xx cart


Awesome sure does look like that, thanks! Not sure how to tell which exact model though.

14 minutes ago, markielinhart said:

Is it a Pickit (Pro-Ject) number?

Good suggestion, I might drop Pro-ject an email to see if it is.

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4 minutes ago, Citroen said:



I've owned over half a dozen Project TTs but never heard of the Pick It range.


But no sign of a Goldring clone. 

Wow indeed, I spent ages seaching cartridge + Pro-ject & didn't even come across Pick It!


I dropped Pro-ject an email so maybe they'll come back with something.

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I have an Ortofon 2M Silver. This cart was made for Pro-ject by Ortofon as a Pickit Silver and was fitted to one of the Carbon models. Recently they’ve bought out a Moving Coil cart that’s on sale under the Pickit label...



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It was indeed a Pro-Ject cart from around 2000. It was long before they were naming things "something-it" and I had one fitted to a perspex-plinth, sprung-chassis Pro-Ject turntable that I bought from International Dynamics (I was working at Encel at the time) that I think was a kind of prototype or one-off that never got an official release, at least, not here. The cart was made by Goldring and I think all Pro-Ject did was put the logo on it, no modifications as far as I can remember. I don’t think it was even officially sold here in Australia (they did sell a K4 cartridge for about $139 but I don’t remember the provenance of that one).


this was around the time of the release of the original Debut turntable so well before they had the kind of market presence they have now. The range and distribution were a bit of a mess, I think


I don’t know if it was any good. Mine was well-used by the time I got it and, that turntable being the first one I bought, I had no frame of reference to really compare it to. Plus the turntable looked cool but it was a fiddly bugger of a thing and a complete dust-magnet. I remember it sounded good to me but I was a 20-something idiot so what would I know. 

the only person I can think of who might know more about it is Ken Bennett of Steve Bennett HiFi in Geelong. He was there at the time and knew more about that sort of thing than anyone else there. It was a long time ago but he may remember. 

Can I ask where you got it?

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Thanks RankStranger awesome info!


I won't bother Ken just yet & will see if Goldring gets back to me, but great to know.


From memory it came fitted to a higher end Luxman I picked up years ago, it's been sitting in the 'thing's to sort out if there's ever a lockdown' pile for quite some time.

Would be funny if it was your original cart, a few years ago I took it into a shop to see if they recognised it, they didn't but did say it looked to have had little use, if any.


Maybe before your time but a bit of a blast from the past below with these original newspaper clippings-




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