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  2. Thanks fir the info but no cigar I’m sorry.
  3. Christian Heinrich Rinck - Works for Organ (2020) [24-96]
  4. The Girl From Ipanema - Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz
  5. Instant Opaque Evening Grubbs, Gustafsson & Mazurek. Improv dream-team, plenty of noise to enjoy, and some passages of great beauty ❤️
  6. Bob Dylan - Modern Times 2017 Colombia reissue
  7. Hi @V_ger I've had the CA-1010 and CA-2010 in the past, both are great integrated amplifiers with wonderful phono stage. They costed me more than a grand each a few years back, unfortunately I no longer have them. There are a few of those in SA I reckon, but I rarely seen one up for sale. If you don't ask you don't get I suppose so good luck with your search, I hope you find the right one.
  8. Hi David. Please try what @Fruit recommended. Swap the middle 6SN7 for the one on the left or right and let us know what happens. The fact that all passive outputs (speakers/headphones) trialled give the same veiled sound suggests something is not right in the line regulation stage. You may be really unlucky and have a dud pair of 6SL7's. It may also help to open up the unit and take some close-up photos of the inside to confirm if any components may be wrong values in circuit. Again, highly unlikely but worth a shot.
  9. A bit off topic The American songwriters mentioned in the award list above (2011 – Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil) wrote a piece that Rick Beato ranked as the complex pop song ever
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  11. I am in Raymond Terrace near newcastle. Would you consider postage. If so how much
  12. Great to hear Andy. I like the way you use plugs for resistors rather than dip switches. I read that Graham Tricker from Tron prefers them to dip switches as well.
  13. Hi Will, that's an incredibly kind offer that I just might take you up on. I'm in lovely downtown Jannali, so the next time I can legally go across the bridge I'll let you know. Thanks David
  14. I happen to have silver 8000S. Do you know what is the difference?
  15. Leonard Cohen - Songs from a Room 2016 Columbia reissue
  16. Just wanted to clarify a couple of matters. Before I started this critique thread, I had run Anthem ARC and used the recommended level calibration, crossover points etc. I was generally happy with my system, but it seemed to lack the impact I was after. This was the reason for my thread here. Some of the members had suggested to try level matching the speakers for reference as the ARC calibration may not have been correct. I've since tried this with my iphone app as it's all I had at the time. Granted it is probably not the most accurate way to calibrate but thought I would try. I haven't
  17. Ha, that was a typo. Meant to be tidier, not timber. Shows more nice woodgrain though so I guess timber works. The challenge has been walking the fine line between musicality and transparency. Too transparent and enjoyment suffers limiting you to only the best recordings. Too musical and you've lost the fine detail that makes things sound so lifelike. Anyway I won't waffle on about that much as my views are at odds with some members and I'm not really interested in a debate. Tidal means I don't buy music anymore. Fewer deliveries means I'm in trouble le
  18. I would imagine that this gear would not be cheap. Good to see it's gone to a new home that will hopefully keep some audio gear reproducing music nicely.
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