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Secondhand Sale 2023
On now until the close of business on Saturday the 8th of April, 2023, we have 20% to 50% off the marked price on all Secondhand Audio Visual equipment at Len Wallis Audio. Check out the listings here on our website or contact us direct in-store. 
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Top Gear - interesting, home grown or extreme.
Big horns - VOTT. 
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Huge Headphone Contingent at the 2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi Show
For the 2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show, we will have the largest amount of floor space, number of exhibitors and brands dedicated to all things headphones in our show history. 

Aside from many exhibitors throughout the show spaces, for the first time, the entire Lounge on the Ground Floor will be set up with listening stations spanning many brands of headphones and head-fi gear. All thanks to @Minidisc travelling down from Sydney.

We can't wait! Tickets are now on sale: https://www.stereonet.com/show/tickets/

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The Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023 Show Report Gallery - UPDATED!
You all should know the score by now.
This is where all the images from the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023 will be stored while the full show report will appear as soon as possible on StereoNET.com/UK.
I'll post link(s) to the published report here too, obvs 😎
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The listening demographics of SNA
Following from a suggestion in the demographics of SNA poll, a listening style has now been created for your polling pleasure, hopefully it covers all bases as best as possible. 
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Shitbox Rally
Hi folks,

In May, Darcy & I will be joining the Shitbox Rally convoy. While it will be the adventure of a lifetime, we are also inviting our little community to help us raise $10,000 for the Cancer Council along the way.
We will travel from Newcastle to Townsville via Betoota in an absolute **** box of a car, our ‘91 Ford Laser. The trip will be roughly 7 days & will take us through some of the most spectacular roads in the Australian outback of NSW & QLD - That’s if the car can make it. The grand plan is to strap a couple of speakers to the roof of the car, so they know we are coming!

We will make sure to document the trip & let you know how we are travelling along the way too. Here is a teaser video of what you can expect from our Shitbox Rally trip.

If you want to support our efforts, you can do that in two ways.
1. Donate directly via the Shitbox Rally link here.

2. Buy a $10 ticket in our giveaway raffle. We will be offering up a brand new pair of Bowers & Wilkins PX8 Bond 007 noise-cancelling headphones valued at $1,299!
Thanks to everyone for your help in this cause. You guys rock!

Special thanks to our major partners - Sound United, @Audio Visual Revolution, @Magenta & @Amber Technology  for their generous donations & sponsorship.

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Sonic Art "SONIC STROBE" LED Light pen!
Ok the SONIC STROBE is ready for market, hand made from billet alloy, fits in the palm of your hand, comes with Aust/NZ complied plug pack, and should run for years and years!
Link to the SONIC STROBE: https://www.sonicartaudio.com/estore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=55_64
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Kharma Showrooms and Happy Customers
Kharma Showrooms and Happy Customers
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art of SOUND  - NEO HIGH END Hi-FI Racks
NEO - Your equipment is beautiful. It deserves a beautiful rack.
NEO High End Hi-Fi Racks will always be dear to my heart - it was the reason to start this whole distribution thing in the first place! It was borne out of frustration with a distributor who seemed uninterested in passing on client feedback to a manufacturer about their product's quality control (brand and distributor will remain anonymous) - what started as a supposed apology ended up with the comment "But IF you didnt sell BRAND X, what could you possibly sell?". It was those words that led to an 18 month journey to find a rack brand that offered impeccable build quality with attention to detail but equally was prepared to take on feedback.  After a few false starts and the assumption that somebody would've already found them, I struck up an immediate rapport with NEO's founder, Štefan Baniar. Anyone fortunate to see these racks so far in the flesh will attest to the quality they offer and with a high level of customisation (including any RAL colour in addition to real wood options), there is a solution for every scenario. 
So, the "official" blurb from our website:-
"NEO HIGH END offers a range of beautiful bespoke audio racks available in various styles and are fully customisable. NEO was formed in 2002. At the beginning, the company’s main activity was interior design and production of design accessories.
After some years carving a successful career in interior design, their portfolio has narrowed to the production and distribution of luxury audio racks under the NEO brand.
The idea of making functional high-end audio racks came from combining two things - love of music and design.
Technical innovations, constructions and the use of special materials place NEO’s products in the reference category in the Hi-Fi and High-end audio sector."
Current RRP pricing is available from our website and it will find its way into key dealers throughout the country in the second half of 2022.
QUATTRON - Matte Walnut with Black Diamond columns:-






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What is you most iconic piece of audio equipment you own.
I’m sure most of us oldies, ( with all due respect to our knowledge and wisdom ), and I’m sure, quite a few not so old, have in there possession an iconic piece of audio equipment. I’m not sure mine quite makes the grade, but it has many stories to tell.
Used to interview and record, many famous people that live and have lived, or have visited the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Including politicians, sporting greats,
and celebrities.  I’m sorry to say, I cannot confirm this for a fact. I was told this second hand, when I purchased this wonderful piece of audio engineering.
It would be great to see some photos of the truly great pieces, that have earned their place in the audio hall of fame.
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B&W 705 Signature Bookshelf Speakers - 40% OFF
Price: AUD $2999
Further Information: 
Exclusive Discount Code: "stereonet"
Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature Bookshelf Speakers offers delivers breathtaking sonic clarity, detailed sound images and smooth response.
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25% Off Clearaudio Sale at Audio Connection
Great deal for anyone that's been eyeing off a Clearaudio turntable or even a cart!
25% off the brand at Audio Connection.
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Meze Bundles - The gift that keeps giving :)
Meze’s popular bundle campaigns for LIRIC and ADVAR will become, from here on, permanent offers.
Beside the extra jack options that you will enjoy, they’re also saving anywhere from $299 to 899, depending on the product and cable of choice.
I’ll recap below main points about each bundle:
With every order of LIRIC, we will offer an extra PREMIUM CABLE, as a gift.
Hand-braided, from Furukawa wires, by our team in Romania, this cables are meant to emphasize our headphones ’sonic performance, creating a full-bodied musical experience.
You can choose any of the 10 x mono 3.5 premium cables, copper or silver plated, in 2.5/3.5/4.4/6.3/XLR.
FYI, the stock soft TPE cables with 3.5mm jack, 1.5m and 3m, plus a 6.3 adapter, are still to be included with the standard package.
Ongoing offer!
With every ADVAR purchase, we will offer an extra upgrade BALANCED CABLE, as a gift.
MMCX braided cables, made of silver plated custom wires, they come in two BALANCED terminations, 2.5 or 4.4.
FYI, the stock MMCX silver plated cable with 3.5mm jack is still to be included with the standard package.
Ongoing offer!
Rai PENTA Bundle
With every RAI PENTA purchase, we offer an extra upgrade BALANCED CABLE, as gift.
MMCX braided cables, made of silver plated custom wires, they come in two BALANCED terminations, 2.5 or 4.4.
FYI, the stock MMCX silver plated cable with 3.5mm jack is still to be included with the standard package.
Ongoing offer!
Go to your friendly Meze dealer for more information and of course to spend your hard earned money  Dealer Locator - Radiance AV https://www.radianceav.com.au/dealer-locator/
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2023 StereoNET Hi-Fi & AV Show (Melbourne) October 20-22
Pleased to confirm dates are locked and loaded - and we're good to go again this year!
Tickets are now on sale! https://www.stereonet.com/show/tickets
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VAF 2023 subwoofer development
We are slowly coming to the end of our stock of VAF subwoofer plate amplifiers. We are taking this as an opportunity to further develop, refine and reinvigorate our subwoofer range for 2023. R&D is happening as we speak.
We wanted to tap into the hive mind and find out what subwoofers people prefer? Along with size, do you prefer ported or sealed? Any comments or feedback is welcome!
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Klipsch K402 replica build
I have always been intrigued by horns, especially in the way they control directivity and reduce the influence of a bad listening room - constant directivity horns in particular. The K402 seems to be the widely regarded pinnacle of CD horns, and going by images of them, fairly simple in design.
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Dirac Live ART (Active Room Treatment) Discussion Thread
Dirac just announced this new module at CES
And this Sound And Vision's report
The diagram is particularly interesting, probably from Dirac's presentation.  It shows a reduction in modal ringing (slow bass decay times) using their software.  Normally, the only way to reduce this is to put in bass traps.
WOW!  Dirac is leaping ahead of its competition.
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BREAKING: Amber Technology Acquires Convoy International
Ambertech Limited has announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Sydney-based audio-video distribution company Convoy International.View the full article
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What one change has made the biggest improvement, and why?
Sessions greeting everyone. 

As I am relative newcomer to the wonderful world of MUSIC, I am always very interested learning from others. I think these forums are a fantastic learning tool, to help tweak, and improve my understanding of this great hobbie. I personally have MS. I used to take a lot of Medication. I have since ceased all medication, in leu of  a dedicated music room for pain management therapy. The best change I ever made to my mental state.
I will kick it off. My system is by no means high end. I do like the way Is sounds. 
My single biggest improvement this year, which made a noticeable difference for not a lot of expense, was placing a dedicated circuit from the fuse box  to the music room. 
Before then, my music would always, ( to me anyway), sound better at night. Since I had a separate dedicated circuit fitted, cost of around $220. I find the noise floor, is certainly quieter, at any time of the day. The sound seems to be more detailed, with better separation and a deeper soundstage. I certainly would not have thought that this single investment could make that much difference.
I would love to hear the experience of others.
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What did Santa bring you? Pics please 🙏
A pair of dm 88’s in great condition. His sleigh was a little heavy 
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Merry Christmas to all
Here’s wishing everyone a peaceful and healthy festive season.
Hope all your audio dreams come true.
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SYDNEY - Chinese Lunar New Year - Audio Connection
The Year of the Rabbit is upon us! Join us to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year at Audio Connection. 
Where: Audio Connection Australia, 515 Parramatta Road, Leichhardt NSW
When: January 20th, 6:30pm
We'll kick things off with our own personal Lion Dance through the store, performed by the Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Association at 7:00pm, followed by live music performances by esteemed musician Nicholas Ng and a group of fellow musicians. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds to celebrate the New Year!
We'll have food and drink available on the night. Ample parking is available in the area, either in our warehouse, the side streets or Parramatta Road after 7:00pm.
Register your interest here.
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SNA 2022 Music of the Year
It's that time of the year again, and this has been a great year for new music:
2022 Release Album of the Year (top 5)
2022 discovery, but before to 2022
2022 Genre Album
2022 Australian releases of the year
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StereoNET Product of the Year Awards 2022
It’s time to put on your tuxedo and raise your champagne glass, as we cordially invite you to StereoNET’s 2022 Awards! View the full article
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Vale Peter Stein
I am deeply saddened to report the death of my friend, Peter Stein (of ME Sound fame). Peter died yesterday morning from complications arising from lung cancer (no, Peter was not a smoker). I, along with David Fowler, spent last week in Kuranda with Peter and we shared some great memories and a lot of laughs. He was highly communicative and one of our chats lasted until 1:30AM. Peter was admitted to hospital soon after I returned to Sydney. He was determined to leave Cairns Hospital and get back to work. Sadly, that did not occur. Still, his death was a great shock and I will miss him. As will many others. Peter is survived by a son, a sister and a couple of ex-wives. I had a personal and professional relationship with Peter for 45 years. Peter was almost 70 years old.
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