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Picture Freeze Function Sxrd 70"

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When I first tried picture freeze/pause, it would freeze the picture in full screen and mute the sound.

Now when I try it, the picture freezes on the right in split screen mode with the content still running on the left of screen, as per the user manual.

I have no idea what I did to cause it to go to split screen mode, or how to get back to full screen mode.

Any clues?


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You sure you froze the pic in full screen mode through the SXRD itself and not through another device?

As far as I'm aware split screen freeze is the only option available on the SXRD.

I prefer it myself as I find it's much better to not be missing anything while your freezing and it's not as if your left with a frozen area which is too small to view. It is a 70" screen afterall.

I use it for things like sports stats so I can have a good read without worrying about the info being pulled off to quick before I have a chance to analyze it all. At the same time, I don't need to miss the live coverage.

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