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  1. @xtiva2000 has the phonitor amp and I've sampled it. If you love neutral you will love it. Eric of McChanson amp is building a KT150 SET amp using all Super Silk transformer and choke from Thailand. This is going to be a very interesting build. It's for a client in USA and the amp will come to me for evaluation and testing before I shipped it to USA. In UL mode this beast will output 20 watts. Amp is almost finished. Just need soldering on the underside. :-)
  2. Nice to meet you @Rob McHugh. Nice setup you have there. Imagine my surprise at the number of notifications when I log in today. My latest custom amp from Sweden is almost finished.
  3. Damm miss it ! Let me know when you have a Dynaudio Special Forty for sale. 🙂
  4. Saves me $400 because I want tube amp friendly speakers but these are nice. 🙂
  5. Damm... now have to ask HeyNow for a demo pair. 🙂 KLH Model Five 3-way 10-inch Acoustic Suspension Floorstanding Speaker (heynowhifi.com.au)
  6. It's alive.... again. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU3X5syv1Tk
  7. Hello Shin, when lockdown is over, you have to arrange for me to listen to the KLH Model Five with my 300b amp from Eric. I am quite keen on this speaker.
  8. Pretty amazing amp. My session at Minidisc with Chord Hugo TT2 + M'Scalar > Auris Nirvana > Susvara show me what high end head-fi is all about. GLWTS Neil. If not for my coming custom amp, would have buy this from you.
  9. I had the most pleasant transaction with the seller and have gotten to know him well after that. I can recommend him wholeheartedly. A most friendly and trustworthy person. This Arya has been kept very well. GLWTS.
  10. You could be in luck Max. I'm helping someone from USA to get an amp from Eric. I'm the middle man because Eric won't sell to USA because of legal issues on DIY amps imported into USA. Anyhoo, this gentleman is going all the way with a Super Silk KT150 amp from Eric. It will be for both speakers and headphones. It will use SAC power, output transformers and choke - SACThailand. They will come in custom covers. Interstage transformers will be install inside the chassis. Chassis will be the same size as Destiny. So it's bigger than this. Eric McChanson Super silkE / marzE Amp : KT15
  11. You know I was planning on the next top of the line headphone in either the Abyss 1266 TC or Susvara. They will cost about 7 to 8 thousands each. Yet here the Bostons which I paid $299 on Stereonet classifieds sounded like sultans of swings with Destiny ! It don't make sense. 🙂 However, I love my tube amps and my headphones. So Odyssey, Destiny and Oblivion will stay together with my LCD4 and He1000se.
  12. This is very strange. I got Eric's 300b amp because I wanted my headphones to sound their best. Both of my headphones cost quite a lot. However I'm starting to enjoy Destiny with speakers more with each passing day. These Bostons sounded great with it ! Btw @DMax I've tried HiFiMan's He6se v2 with Eric's 300b and KT150 amps and it's great.
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