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  1. Uh no On both No one is going to turn to violence over it😄 As a member of the band he was on very equal footing but as a songwriter in the sense of words vocals and music writing not close And I love George Harrison both as a Beatle and not as a Beatle I listen to All TMP a lot and I particularly like Living In A Material World and one of the biggest thrills I’ve ever had was seeing George Harrison live in Vancouver even though it’s not the best concert I’ve ever seen But he was a BEATLE And that’s a big deal For old people at least
  2. Mississippi John Hurt recorded in the (from memory in late 20’s or 30’s )but never again until young folkies in the late 50’s early 60’s went looking for the black musicians whose songs they were playing in the New York folk scene Beautiful singer and guitarist Well worth 20 minutes of your time
  3. Yellow Submarine will never sound the same after Thursday😄 And Wiggle Wiggle is so bad it will never be a cheer up song😄 I wish Bob never wrote it😄 Great idea for a thread though Maybe this will bump it up
  4. I was exactly 30 years young when Bob recorded this for my birthday and I was 60 years old when I finally got to hear it because he is a secretive so and so Im gonna be dead before he releases all the incredible music he’s hoarding😄 Like Springtime in New York
  5. What a cover What a recordrecord great Bob Dylan joke there😄 Like the Bob reference on the cover of Get Yer Ya Yas Out😄
  6. Never more than a song away from real life😄
  7. Ok Cant see the point though Have they done to others I know from googling records for an image there are multiple shades of colour but the artwork is usually the same Very odd😀
  8. I’ve just been riding down the road Windows down Listening to The Carter Family Wearing my Johnny Cash cap Thinking how cool I am Noone else in the world driving down the road listening to the Carter Family In a Johnny Cash hat😀😀
  9. Can’t imagine it Neither Bob or the record label would allow it May be legitimate but I would have read about it i know everything about Bob😀😀 Of no importance at all though😀😀
  10. That is the wrong cover Pedantic I know But why ?
  11. Still with The Beatles This may not be the best Beatle song But it is the most beautifully written one In My Life “I love you more” can’t top that
  12. Still stuck on The Beatles Not what I intended But when you’re on to a good thing………. The Beatles were so popular in America they threatened religion And in Britain even the Queen tried to cash in by giving them a medal for propping up the British economy😄😄😄😄😄😄 You probably had to be a teenager in the 60’s to appreciate how funny these things were😄
  13. Listening to Sgt 🌶 No need to like anything😄 Or apologise for not liking something 😄 For a certain kind of pensioner there is a sort of collective memory for some things The good sergeant is one of those memories 😄 Of a cheerful note Here is an article about A Day In The Life https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Day_in_the_Life
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