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  1. Billy Corgan was the drawcard for me, then I ended up following the journeys of Matt Sweeney, David Pajo & Paz Lenchantin ever since. Thanks for the intro Billy 👍
  2. Just don't play the "Rick Rubin Drinking Game"! A drink every time he says a singular "incredible, amazing or beautiful" will soon have you on the floor 🤣 BTW love Rick's conversation style and mellow vibes on the Broken Record podcast. https://brokenrecordpodcast.com/#/episode-104-brian-eno/
  3. Seeing I was in the "catch all" category..... Streaming for mobile and background music, also new music hunting. Vinyl and digital files (CD quality and HiRes) for sit down at the hifi listening. CDs from my existing collection for sit down at the hifi listening. Only buying $2 CDs second hand these days.
  4. First time listening to this 50yo album. I'm amazed.
  5. And if you don't get the gist of German...... treat as relaxing ASMR 😉
  6. Audiophile grade Youtube? Would like hear the ad free uncompressed version. Sounds superb anyway.
  7. He's upgraded. Gamechanger. Blows the stainless steel version out of the water!
  8. Remember going to see it at the cinema as a school excursion while I was in single digits. Colin Thiele was to South Australia as Tim Winton is now to Western Australia.
  9. Haven't found a suitable book yet! So I have erred on the side of caution in case this stack is pulled down by cables or the CNC cases start resonating.
  10. I really miss my Peter_F restored Gale 401Cs. Not sure the apartment neighbours would appreciate them though! Drums just aren't the same without them.
  11. Still blows my mind that the car Peter Brock died in was a Shelby Daytona, designed by Peter Brock.
  12. Perfect for fencing out noisy neighbours.
  13. Anyone opened one up to see inside? Interested if it is air and the weight is all in the metal or if it has some filling (maybe with accidental absorption properties).
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