Bowers & Wilkins Announces Formation Suite Of Wireless Audio Products

Posted on 22nd April, 2019
Bowers & Wilkins Announces Formation Suite Of Wireless Audio Products

One of the most highly anticipated announcements since Silicon Valley's EVA Automation purchase of B&W, details are now known of its new Formation Suite of audio products for whole-home wireless audio.

“Seamlessly blending high-fidelity performance with convenience, redefining the industry in true Bowers & Wilkins groundbreaking fashion” is how Bowers & Wilkins describes its new range.

Greg Lee, CEO of Bowers & Wilkins offers:

The Formation Suite is the newest and most technologically innovative line of wireless products our development team has ever created. We are setting a new bar in the world of wireless sound, proving that wired fidelity can be achieved wirelessly,

Drawing on 50 years of acoustic expertise, B&W has implemented its patented 'Formation Wireless Technology' for a wireless mesh network that is said to deliver “imperceptible in-room synchronization of one microsecond between speakers allows them to work in perfect harmony to provide an industry-defining listening experience. It sounds like you're listening to a live music in your living room.”

At launch, the five-product range includes:

  • Formation Bar (USD 1,199)– Nine optimised drive units provide a wide soundstage including a dedicated centre channel, so you always feel like you're in the centre of sound action.  

  • Formation Duo (USD 3,999) – With the same carbon-domed, tweeter-on-top technology and Continuum cone driver as Bowers & Wilkins' industry-defining wired speakers, now experience legendary sound, wirelessly.  

  • Formation Wedge (USD 899) – Uniquely characterised by a 120-degree elliptical speaker shape, with dedicated full-range stereo sound components experience room filling high-resolution stereo sound. 

  • Formation Bass (USD 999) – Opposed drivers, powerful amplifiers and Dynamic EQ provide accurate audio depth and dimension without distortion. Pairs with other Formation components for the ultimate audio immersion. 

  • Formation Audio (USD 699) – Patented Formation Wireless Technology turns any traditional passive system into a high-fidelity streaming system for a best-of-all-worlds sound experience. 

Designed entirely in-house, the Formation Suite offers 96kHz/24bit audio resolution, and B&W says that at the heart of its control is the streamlined Formation app with an intuitive user interface that takes moments to set up. There's also support for Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, aptX HD, Bluetooth 4.1.

Gideon Yu, Co-Chairman of Bowers & Wilkins added:

Three years ago, we had the vision to take Bowers & Wilkins 50 years of acoustic history and success and combine it with Silicon Valley automation expertise, creating an amazing user experience that is simple, powerful and incredible to listen to.  Today, it's amazing to witness that vision come to life, ushering in the next chapter of sound experience. The Formation Suite introduces consumers to wireless sound technology that is unparalleled in the audio space and showcases the true innovation this company is capable of and this is just the beginning. There is so much more to come,

Bowers & Wilkins' Formation Suite is on sale now in the US.

For more information visit Bowers & Wilkins.

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