Tonewinner - Exceptional Value Home Theatre Processors and Amplifiers Land in Australia

Posted on 11th January, 2022

Tonewinner - Exceptional Value Home Theatre Processors and Amplifiers Land in Australia

Tonewinner, the unabashedly Chinese brand proving premium home cinema components don't need to cost an arm and a leg, has landed in Australia.

ToneWinner aims to bring premium high-end audio, particularly high-channel-count home cinema, to market at very affordable prices. These high-end audio components are designed for a premium audio experience and grunt! 

The AT-300 is a 13.3 Channel AV Processor designed and built by THX engineers for meticulous home cinema enthusiasts. The AT-300 is a professional home theatre AV processor that supports the latest immersive audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X (7.3.6 or 9.3.4) and smartphone app control.

Specifically designed for use with ToneWinner's auto room correction function, the AT-300 is supplied with its T-2 Room Correction Microphone. When connected, the T-2 can quickly and highly accurately automatically adjust EQ and level balance for each channel according to acoustic characteristics of the environment.

In addition to standard RCA analogue outputs, the AT-300 also comes equipped with 14 high quality balanced XLR outs. Use these outputs for a superior connection to a power amplifier such as ToneWinner's AD-7300PA+. A balanced connection has superior resistance to noise and interference ensuring a cleaner signal makes it's way to your power amp.

Available to preorder now, the ToneWinner AT-300 sells for $1,999 RRP.

The ToneWinner AD-7300PA+ is a 7-Channel Class AB Power Amplifier boasting 300w for all channels (8 Ohms), designed with pure sound quality and cinema grunt in mind. 

Each of the seven channels of the AD-7300PA+ features three pairs of high power three-level push-pull Darlington circuit transistors providing the smooth yet punchy 300 watts per channel.

The front panel of the AD-7300PA+ houses an oversized mechanical VU meter, backlit in lake blue with a red needle giving the amp a unique look. Brightness is adjustable via the front panel, all the way to entirely off.

Available to preorder now, the ToneWinner AD-7300PA+ sells for $2,499 RRP.

There are also combination pre-amp and power amps packages for its Australian launch, offering even further discounts.

For more information visit ToneWinner


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