Yamaha Introduces YH-5000 Flagship Headphones

Posted on 16th November, 2022
Yamaha Introduces YH-5000 Flagship Headphones

“The pinnacle of True Sound in headphones” is the statement from Yamaha in Shizuoka, Japan, this morning with the announcement of its flagship YH-5000 headphones.

The company continues, “it's a flagship product crafted with the desire to bring our modern True Sound ideals to a concept born in 1976 at the start of an audio revolution”, and a product easily worthy of joining the 5000 Series range from Yamaha.

The YH-5000 were designed with a quality that exudes prestige and performance in all aspects of its creation and is said to be the result of 6 years of research and over 1,000 prototypes of the ORTHODYNAMIC™ driver diaphragm. 

To completely redesign the original ORTHODYNAMIC™ driver created by Yamaha in 1976, Yamaha combined the driver with modern acoustic principals, materials, and manufacturing techniques to create a set of headphones that the company says “truly embraces the legacy of Yamaha's past achievements while forging a new path”. 

The YH-5000 not only faithfully captures every nuance of the artist's intent and emotion but is also capable of unlocking those in the listener, presenting their music in a way they may have been previously not heard.

Yamaha's YH-5000 is manufactured in its Kakegawa factory, alongside the company's famous grand pianos, taking advantage of the company's most skilled artisans and the highest quality materials available.

The flagship headphones will initially launch as the YH-5000SE (Special Edition), which includes a variety of premium accessories that have been carefully designed to enhance and complement the musical performance, flexibility, and pride of ownership.

These accessories include two types of earpads, each with their own sound character, two detachable cables featuring individual braiding of left and right channels for greater levels of stereo separation, and a custom headphone stand built from aluminium, providing the perfect display for pride of place in any collection. 

The YH-5000 is indeed a statement product from Yamaha that could only be achieved from over 135 years of musical product knowledge and engineering. 

Yamaha's YH-5000SE will be available in April 2023 and will sell in North America for $4,999 USD + tax.

For more information visit Yamaha

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