Posted on 8th March, 2018

US audio brand McIntosh shows others how to stay in the game.

The imminent release of the spanking new vinyl spinner called the MT2 Precision Turntable follows a whirlwind release schedule for the big Mc.

In the last couple of years, McIntosh has kept the global audio press fixated with its unveiling of a horde of new high-end amplifiers, preamplifiers, headphone amps, DACs, SACD/CD transports and now, a turntable.

Tallied up, these models are far more than the combined output of several high-end rivals put together.

And are we satiated? No way.

The MT2 Precision looks so refined, we not only want one in our listening room we want more gear like it to keep flowing from Mc’s HQ in Binghamton, New York.

We’ve already put our hands up for the first review sample when the shipment lands in April because we know our readers feel the same way about this much-admired legacy brand.

In discussion with Mc, we learnt the company’s sights for the MT2 Precision were firmly set on a turntable that gives its lucky owners the latest in turntable technology and design.

A turntable moreover, that delivers superb sound quality with accurate playback.

McIntosh said:

We’ve given the MT2 a full complement of features that allows it dig deep and retrieve detail so well, all recordings put on its substantial platter will be played back with flawless realism.

Knowing its track record, this ain’t no idle boast.

The MT2, like all McIntosh models, can be expected to offer years of reliable service. McIntosh guarantees this fact when it says:

The MT2’s advanced electronic and mechanical design will give many years of smooth, glitch-free operation.

As for the MT2's style and presentation, what can we say other than it’s an Mc high-end model all the way.

Press the MT2’s “on” switch, and you’ll spot a subtle green glow emanating from under the platter and the outer edges of the plinth. This gentle lighting adds a touch of refined ambience and gives owners a connection to the McIntosh design aesthetic.

The MT2 spins both 33 1/3 and 45-rpm records. But no, it won’t handle 78-rpm vinyl.

As for setting up, the MT2 is dead easy: just lift it out of its sturdy carton and start playing. McIntosh has already set the cartridge tracking force, anti-skate, overhang and arm height for you. Gotta' love that.

As for the cartridge, it's equipped with a high output moving coil. While we don’t know where McIntosh had it made, we can tell you its high output and high impedance equates to noise-free listening.

We can also share with you that the cantilever is made from aluminium and the stylus is an elliptical diamond; a combination that pleases us.

As for the tonearm, this is crafted from Dural-aluminium with special damping materials applied liberally where it counts.

The arm is light but highly rigid, says McIntosh. As for the bearing, noise-free vertical bearings that feature two precision ceramic surfaces with damping fluid. The horizontal bearings are a gimballed sapphire design.

The MT2’s belt driven platter is fashioned from a special dynamically balanced polyoxymethylene (POM) material, while the inner platter is made from CNC-precision milled aluminium. The platters spin on a polished and tempered steel shaft in a sintered bronze bushing.

The power for the MT2’s DC motor comes from an external power pack that is entirely decoupled from the chassis to isolate LPs from the motor’s mechanical energy.

The MT2’s plinth is made from highly compressed wood and finished with black lacquer. McIntosh also provides an acrylic cover with the MT2 Precision Turntable.

The McIntosh MT2 Precision Turntable is expected to be available in June/July and will sell in New Zealand for $7999.

For more information visit McIntosh.


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