eSseCi’s Relaxa 750 Levitating Turntable Platform Available

Posted on 1st June, 2021
eSseCi’s Relaxa 750 Levitating Turntable Platform Available

eSseCi's Relaxa 750 is said to be perfect for turntables and other full-sized equipment weighing up to 50kg. That said, the company also produces different sizes of Relaxa platforms depending on your requirements.

eSseCi Relaxa 750

What makes the Relaxa 750 and its siblings different to most other isolation platforms out there is that the tempered glass top plate literally floats.

eSseCi Relaxa 750

Originally designed and patented in Italy in 1999 by Silvano Cremonesi, who is still the Chief Designer and Director of eSseCi, the Relaxa range uses magnet technology to eliminate vibrations.

eSseCi Relaxa 750

The supplied spirit level enables you to adjust for perfect horizontal alignment, which is necessary for your hi-fi equipment anyhow.

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