Posted on 3rd July, 2019


Vincent Audio's gorgeously shaped and sensibly priced Tube Line models like the new CD 200 valve hybrid CD player rock the good audio boat called “Musical Satisfaction”.

And for a great many worthwhile reasons.

The models are affordable, they sound terrific, and each looks like it should cost three times the asking price.

The new half-component sized CD-200 valve hybrid silver disc spinner, and its matching SV-200 hybrid integrated amp are perfect examples of Vincent's winning formula.

And what we're talking about here is a nicely sorted hybrid player that's poised to sell for $999 RRP. As for an example of perfect audio symmetry, the matching, half sized SV-200 amp is also priced at $999.

We think both the matching Vincents are gilt-edged, audio bargains.

So what does the CD-200 bring into your listening room for a buck shy of a grand? Hybrid technology for starters that sees solid-state working into a valve buffer stage driving two sweet sounding 6N1 tubes.

Purists will be quick to point out that a valve CD buffer stage won't have the transparency of a full-on, valve output stage. And they're 100 per cent correct if what we're talking about are audio absolute parameters.

An excellent example of full valve implementation is our Audio Research Reference 7 MKII CD player. Look carefully at the valve stage, and it's the same as the eye-watering, expensive Reference 3 preamplifier. The point is though, that when we're talking about Vincent's $999 CD-200, and not an $18,000 full bore valve CD player.

As for that mooted lack of transparency, look no further than Musical Fidelity, a brand that's been putting valve buffer stages into as many of its models as it can, and please note the satisfaction of its horde of fans.

Ditto, Vincent.

The CD-200 uses a decent DAC that converts at 24bit/192kHz. The frequencies handled by the player range between 20Hz and 20kHz measured at +/-1dB. THD comes in at 0.005 per cent and the signal to noise ratio at >93 dB. It has an output voltage of 2.5V, a channel separation of  >80dB and a >100 dB dynamic range.

Should you decide to match the CD-200 with the SV-200 amp, and why wouldn't you, the connections offered via the player comprise one pair of RCAs, one optical and one coaxial output.

Available now, the Vincent Hybrid CD Player sells for $999 RRP.

For more information, visit Vincent.


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