Review: Tru-sweep Unipivot Dusting Anti-static Brush

Posted on 11th March, 2019

Review: Tru-sweep Unipivot Dusting Anti-static Brush

You will know Integrityhifi perhaps from our recent review of their Tru-Lift. Well, they have added the Tru-Sweep to their repertoire.

Anti-Static / Dusting Tracking Record Brush

$259 (£152)

The Tru-Sweep centres around a perfectly balanced, uni-pivot arm. At the end of that arm is a soft camel hair brush which, when dropped on to your record, will glide across the vinyl as you play. Moreover, as it makes its gentle journey over your cherished LP or single, it removes fine dust while also eliminating static.

The Integrity Hi-Fi Tru-Sweep features surgical grade steel, that soft camel hair brush, and a grounding wire that together ensures that your stylus is dust, static and buzz free.

Each unit is adjustable in height by 3/4-inch. The large round base and riser are constructed from 304 stainless steel, just like the Tru-Lift.

Tru-Sweep Review

The 1/4-inch arm rod and the removable brush head is 316 Surgical stainless steel. The reason for using 316 over 304 for those components is due to its static-draining properties.

To adjust the Tru-Sweep's tracking/skate force is a collar that slides up and down the arm. Integrityhifi states a tracking force of between 0.75 and 1g. The counterweight at the opposite end to the brush is adjusted using the provided hex key.

Tru-Sweep Review

Additionally, the camel hair brush is removable for cleaning, again by using a small hex key.

Naturally, you need to connect the ground wire to the grounding post on your phono stage.

Tru-Sweep Set up

As with the Tru-Lift, the post height is adjustable by loosening a hex bolt and then lifting the inner post. Also, like the Tru-Lift, the Tru-Sweep stands on a good, thick metal puck. If you need extra stability, or simply to prevent the Tru-Sweep from moving when you're using it, there is some Blu-tac in the package.

The main thing is to have the arm parallel with your record when the brush makes contact.

Tru-Sweep Review

The instructions state that optimal tracking weight is between 3/4 and 1g.  I have had the Tru-Sweep at just under a gram, and that seems to work for me.

Finally, hook up the earth cable spade to your phono or pre-amp.

Using Tru-Sweep

In use, Tru-Sweep is not unlike cueing up your tonearm. As you want the brush to be working on the grooves before your stylus hits it common sense dictates that you set the brush on its way first.

Tru-Sweep Review

So, lowering the brush on to the vinyl I watch as, sure enough, the camel hair follows the grooves and starts to make its way inwards. Dropping the needle, I listened carefully for any dragging or slowing down of the record's rotations. I am pleased to say that I have not detected anything such thing and I have played quite a few records with the Tru-Sweep in place.

Furthermore, after playing those albums, I gently flicked at the brush and saw a plume of dust fly away from it. Granted, I have not been using my regular brush before playing, but it does appear that the Tru-Sweep is doing a great job. Additionally, the static pops have certainly all but disappeared now, too.


Another well-engineered item from Carlo and Integrity Hi-Fi. These items look cool and, to my experience, do exactly as promised.

The unipivot arm of the Tru-Sweep matches perfectly with the uni-pivot of the VPI Prime. The sweep's tracking is even and steady while also producing no discernable drag.

Tru-Sweep Review

More importantly, however, is the fact that it does do a great job in cleaning those grooves out before your valuable needle gets there.

The Tru-Lift comes in a range of sizes, and Carlo has recently announced versions for Technics decks as well as some extra tall or extra long arms - the latter may have been a custom job, but the option is there.

As with the Tru-Lift, the Tru-Sweep will help your stylus last longer and save you a little bit of work; although, the Tru-Sweep also helps your records sound better.

All in all, another great accessory from Integrityhifi.


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