YG Acoustics RACK

Posted on 20th April, 2020

YG Acoustics RACK

YG acoustics has announced its first equipment stand, imaginatively dubbed RACK.

The YG RACK is the brand's hi-fi support debut. Better known for its high-end milled aluminium loudspeakers, YG Acoustics initially designed RACK for in-house use during testing.

YG Acoustics RACK

The listening room in the Colorado-based company's factory required a vibration-free, stable platform to allow the kit to play under optimal conditions. However, we are told that this was a challenge as the factory is home to milling machines and other equipment, making it a hostile vibration-packed environment where other component racks couldn't deliver the desired result.

YG Acoustics RACK

Using the manufacturer's traditional focus on precise science, the designers produced a series of standard as well as custom rack configurations that isolates equipment from vibration by optimising each shelf for the specific component it supports.

YG Acoustics RACK

All RACKs are CNC machined from large billets of aircraft-grade aluminium in-house. Each shelf comprises of two main parts: Firstly, a lower shelf in which a grid of “pockets” are machined; Secondly, a machined upper shelf. The installing dealer or customer places the supplied isolators in the lower shelf pockets. Now, this is where the optimisation happens; as the component's weight determines the number of isolators used on that shelf. The upshot is that the upper shelf then floats on the isolators, perfectly weight-matched.

YG Acoustics RACK

If you have equipment with its own suspension/ vibration control systems, you can opt to couple the shelf, rather than isolate it, using the bundled steel ball bearings. In this case, you place the ball bearings in the grid of dimples on the lower shelf. The upper shelf is then placed on top of the ball bearings.

However, you are encouraged to try both the isolator and ball bearing options for gear with integral suspension/ vibration control systems. We are told that in many cases (and perhaps counter-intuitively), the YG isolator system used with equipment having integrated suspension/ vibration controlling systems produces a better sonic result than the ball bearing option.

YG Acoustics RACK

The YG RACK comes in five standard options. For instance, the £17,000 RACK 1.3 has three shelves, 1.4, has four and RACK 1.6 sports three shelves but is twice as wide as the others giving you the expected 6 platforms. The stands measure 65cm wides as standard, the 1.6 being 127cms.

YG RACK and Nagra

Image courtesy of Padood

They are all 54cm deep with an internal width of 60cm. The RACK 1.3 weighs in at 51kg and the 1.6, 97kg. The bottom shelf can take a weight of up to a hefty 97kg, whereas the others manage an impressive 61kg. The height of the shelves is adjustable in 2.5cm increments.

YG Acoustics RACK UK Pricing

RACK 1.1 - £4,400
RACK 1.3 - £17,000
RACK 1.4 - £22,000
RACK 1.6 - £30,000
RACK 1.8 – POA

Additionally, as all RACK products are machined entirely in-house, custom configurations are also available.

For more information, head on over to YG Acoustics.


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