Yamaha Reveals Solution To Its AV Receiver HDMI 2.1 Problem

Posted on 25th May, 2021

Yamaha Reveals Solution To Its AV Receiver HDMI 2.1 Problem

As with its Denon and Marantz rivals, Yamaha found itself hit hard in the latter stages of 2020 by a glitch in the much-vaunted new HDMI 2.1 ports on its latest AV receivers. This glitch made it impossible for the AVRs to pass through 4K at 120Hz correctly from Xbox Series X consoles and NVIDIA RTX30 high-end PC gaming cards. But now it has a solution.

When Yamaha discovered its HDMI 2.1 issue, the company promised to find a solution for any impacted gamers who bought one of the affected receivers. Now, finally, that solution has been revealed.

Yamaha AVR HDMI 2.1 fix

While a few details of the scheme are still to be announced, we do at least know that it's going to ultimately be a more elegant fix than the external HDMI converter box solution recently unveiled by Sound United for its affected Marantz and Denon AVRs.

Yamaha's approach involves offering a replacement HDMI board free of charge to owners of all affected AVRs who need it, so long as they take the offer up within 24 months of it going officially live. Which is expected to happen at some point in the autumn.

For the record, the Yamaha models falling under the upgrade scheme remit are the RX-V4A, the RX-V6A, the RX-A2A, the TSR-400 and TSR-700. Yamaha recommends that anyone who owns one of these AV receivers should make sure they register their ownership as soon as possible if they haven't already done so. This will enable them to receive future updates on the upgrade plan directly.

Yamaha AVR HDMI 2.1 fix

Yamaha is keen to stress in its announcement of the HDMI upgrade scheme that many owners of the affected AVRs will not actually need to go through the hassle of getting the new HDMI board fitted. This is because the original HDMI already present in the receivers can actually handle the vast majority of sources without issue. It really is only people looking to pass through feeds from an Xbox Series X or NVIDIA RTX30 graphics card to a TV capable of playing native 4K signals at 120Hz who will benefit from the new board. In fact, even 4K at 120Hz from the PS5 plays through the original HDMI 2.1 ports without issue.

For people who definitely need the upgrade, it will be interesting to see how Yamaha decides to roll the new HDMI boards out. Assuming that replacing the board will not be seen as a task that owners of Yamaha AVRs will be able to perform for themselves, Yamaha will need to either have people send their receivers to a service centre or else have engineers visit the homes of all the affected owners who want the upgrade.

Yamaha HDMI 2.1 board

Neither of these options is ideal for either consumers or Yamaha - though I guess the likely hassle involved also proves how seriously the brand is taking the issue. Also, early feedback on the Yamaha announcement, which can now be found on both Yamaha's US and UK websites, suggests that consumers generally feel more favourable towards the replacement board solution than they do Denon and Marantz's external converter solution.

Naturally, we'll bring you more details on the upgrade process whenever Yamaha has more to say.

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