Wilson Benesch Announces Next-Gen Torus Infrasonic Generators

Posted on 25th March, 2021

Wilson Benesch Announces Next-Gen Torus Infrasonic Generators

We have an early scoop on Wilson Benesch's next-gen Torus Infrasonic Generators - these are more than just subwoofers.

Wilson Benesch's all-new Torus infrasonic generators are due to land this summer and sees the Sheffield-based sound maestro further develop the initial design released in 2006 to create the next generation of low-frequency sound technologies.

The South Yorkshire company states that Timpani and kickdrums are great examples of instruments that inspired Wilson Benesch's infrasonic technologies. Each musical instrument creates low-frequency sound with attack and dynamics that hit you in the chest. This is what the Torus Series aims to recreate - the experience of live music. 

The design includes innovative technologies, such as a push-pull motor design, a rounded geometric enclosure that mimics those aforementioned instruments and a super lightweight Carbon Fibre - Polyethylene Terephthalate diaphragm. The result, we are told, is lightning-fast, highly integrated, perfectly resolved low-frequency sound that physically moves the listener.

Wilson benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator 2021

The 2006 Torus Infrasonic Generator still remains a significant departure from all prior art. Unlike all design's previous, the Wilson Benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator eliminated the cabinet from any and all structural responsibilities. Instead, Wilson Benesch placed a 16kg steel core at the heart of the Torus. The core ensures all energy from the two push-pull Neodymium motors is grounded. Like all the best ideas, this proved to be ingeniously simple and totally unique. The result, says Wilson Benesch, was the absence of cabinet noise and subwoofer drone.

Further innovation comes by way of a collaboration between Wilson Benesch and two leading companies in the field of fibre weaving and composite design. The result is the invention of a new fabric to achieve what was previously impossible, boasts the manufacturer. The Carbon Fibre-Polyethylene Terephthalate diaphragm is geometrically optimised and realised from a woven material that incorporates both the fibre and the resin matrix. This material is woven exclusively in Europe for Wilson Benesch. The company underlines that “the geometrically optimised, sub-200g, Carbon Fibre-Polyethylene Terephthalate diaphragm is a marvel of engineering”.

Wilson benesch Torus Infrasonic Generator 2021

As a testament to the new upward-firing 18-inch diaphragm's structure, it can apparently support 1000 times its own mass. The lightweight diaphragm at the heart of the new Torus Series is said to set the industry standard both in stiffness and damping.

The new Torus Series promises a new level of refinement, quality and performance. Delivering music enthusiasts a new level of low-frequency sound reproduction. Expect more details regarding performance nearer to the official announcement.

The next-gen Wilson Benesch Torus Series will be available from summer 2021 with pricing in the region of £13,000. Pre-orders can start to be placed in May.


Wilson Benesch produces some exceptional speakers and components from its base in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, here in the UK and is no stranger to innovative design with its WB-One and Circle turntables instantly springing to mind. We look forward to hearing and experiencing the new Torus Series, hopefully, later this year.

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