Wilson Audio LōKē Active Subwoofer Launched

Posted on 8th March, 2022

Wilson Audio LōKē Active Subwoofer Launched

Wilson Audio's new subwoofer, dubbed LōKē, is a compact and active variant.

Wilson Audio's LōKē becomes the American brand's smallest subwoofer at just 35.2x52.7x55.2cm (WxHxD) and packs a custom 10-inch driver powered by a built-in 500W amp, unlike WATCH Dog, Thor's Hammer and Wilson Audio Subsonic, which are the company's passive subs.

Wilson Audio LoKe active sub

You also get the most utilised functions from Wilson Audio's acclaimed ActivXO Dual Subwoofer Crossover, including critical parameters such as crossover frequency, crossover slope, phase, and level.

Wilson Audio LoKe active sub

Constructed from Wilson Audio's “extremely damped” X-Material, Lōkē has been designed to support TuneTot, the Utah-based speaker maker's other compact offering.

Wilson Audio LoKe active sub

Additionally, Lōkē promises to augment the low-end foundation of the StereoNET Applause Award-winning SabrinaX, as well as Yvette, and Sasha D.A.W. which are all comparatively compact when compared with the likes of Alexxa V and Chronosonic XVX.

Wilson Audio LoKe active sub

Naturally, this striking subwoofer is entirely handcrafted in Provo, Utah, with the rest of Wilson Audio's offerings and is available in no less than 21 colour options! There are also four grille options - take a look here.

Wilson Audio LoKe active sub

Wilson Audio's Lōkē is available now with UK RRPs starting at £8,998 for Standard colours; £9,500 in Upgrade colours; and £10,998 in Premium Pearl colours. All prices inc. VAT

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