Wattson Audio Madison Compact DAC/ Headphone Amplifier Announced

Posted on 11th March, 2022

Wattson Audio Madison Compact DAC/ Headphone Amplifier Announced

Wattson Audio's Madison is the Swiss brand's new compact streaming DAC and headphone amplifier.

Wattson Audio's Madison is touted as an ultra-compact streaming DAC. Measuring just 47mm x 174 x 185 (HxWxD), the case is hewn from a single block of aluminium. It houses a dual mono DAC, digital inputs, headphone output and LEEDH Processing lossless digital volume control. System output is via RCA and XLR sockets, incidentally, we are told that the Madison performs wonderfully with a pair of active speakers.

We are told that Wattson paid scrupulous attention to and optimised all the critical elements of the digital data playback and conversion process. This perfectionist approach brings an evident fluidity to the listening of the Madison and its “analogue” character, states the maker.

Wattson Audio's Madison features a signal processing unit (DSP) that hosts the Swiss company's proprietary oversampling process for optimising input signals. This new interpolation algorithm benefits from the heritage of the iconic modules developed by Anagram Technologies. The result promised is a significantly improved digital-to-analogue conversion process in the time domain, without modifying the samples of the incoming data stream.

The Madison will play PCM up to 32-bit 384kHz, DSD up to 256x via streaming and PCM up to 24-bit 192kHz through S/PDIF input.

Alexandre Lavanchy, Wattson Audio CEO, told StereoNET:

For our new Madison streamer, we have put all our know-how into action to seek the intensity of the analogue restitution and to find the emotion of the musical message beyond technical considerations. In use, the Madison must transmit the pleasure of listening to very high fidelity with optimal ergonomics.

The Swiss-made component boasts simple yet functional ergonomics, allowing you to access all the features using the Wattson Music app or via the multi-function button on the front panel.

The Wattson Audio Madison is available now at an RRP of €3,199 and comes with a “medical-grade” 5V DC power supply.

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