Vertere VeRum Interconnect Range Revealed

Posted on 19th December, 2021

Vertere VeRum Interconnect Range Revealed

Vertere Acoustics has launched its new VeRum interconnect cable that sits below Pulse HB and above Applause Award-winning RedLine in the company's cable hierarchy.

Vertere's VeRum cable replaces Pulse R and is said to bring with it a large proportion of Pulse HB's neutrality, dynamics and even-handed performance without the high costs involved in being hugely labour intensive. Vertere's founder and chief designer, Touraj Moghaddam, adds that it is produced “using wire so delicate that four together are thinner than a human hair.”

Vertere VeRum/ VeRum Solo cable

Available as the VeRum Solo Tonearm cable and VeRum RCA/ XLR cable, we are told each channel features a pair of Pulse Hairline silver-plated high-purity copper multistranded wires apiece for signal and return. Also, one signal and one return Microline silver-plated high-purity copper multistranded wires. Additionally, there is a signal and return Modeline silver-plated high-purity copper multistranded wires. An FEP dielectric is used throughout for insulation. Finally, there is a significantly thicker Pulse Earthline silver-plated high purity copper multistranded wire.

Vertere VeRum/ VeRum Solo cable

The next layer is a “special foil shield” surrounding these, covered by a dense tin-plated copper braid with a “special PVC jacket”. Vertere states that the multiple signal and return wires gives flexibility, allowing the wiring of many combinations while enabling different options for ground, earth, and shields.

Vertere VeRum/ VeRum Solo cable

Where the standard VeRum cable is a single line designed to be used in pairs, the Solo is put forward as a Tonearm to Phono stage cable. Here you are offered a much thicker than usual and screened ground cable. Naturally, this can be ordered as a regular RCA or XLR cable with both channels held closely together for use in more RF noisy situations and where a separate ground may be advantageous.

Vertere VeRum/ VeRum Solo cable

The VeRum Solo includes two VeRum cables and a separate “Special Ground/Power Conductor set”. The extra set includes two tinned high-purity copper conductors with a PVC dielectric, shielded by a special foil and tinned copper braid, all enclosed in a PVC outer. Surrounding all three PVC enclosed wires is a cotton filler for damping and a final PVC outer jacket for protection.

Vertere VeRum/ VeRum Solo cable

The Vertere VeRum and VeRum Solo are available now with a 1.5 m RCA/XLR interconnect cable costing £2,000/ €2,348, and the VeRum Solo (1.15 m) DIN to RCA tonearm cable or RCA/XLR interconnect cable selling for £2,700/ €3,198.

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