Velodyne Deep Blue Subwoofer Range Announced

Posted on 15th February, 2021

Velodyne Deep Blue Subwoofer Range Announced

Velodyne Acoustics announced it would be coming back last year with a new line of what it became famous for, subwoofers, and the Deep Blue line looks set to deliver.

According to the company, the new line has been developed by an international team of experts in the U.S. and Germany. Featuring Velodyne Acoustics signature closed cabinet design, the Deep Blue range is “equally suited to demanding stereo music reproduction as they are to breathtaking home cinema enjoyment.”

With four models ranging from 8-inch to 15-inch, Velodyne says “the mighty power of the oceans served as the symbolic model and inspiration for the Deep Blue series subwoofers.” The enclosures are up to 2.5cm thick with a 5cm thick front baffle, along with additional bracing to reduce cabinet resonances to an absolute minimum. 

The sealed enclosure design provides the ideal working environment for the new, extremely powerful PP High Excursion driver with a four-layer, vented voice coil. Powered by Velodyne Acoustics proven Class AB amplifier technology with up to 1,000 watts peak performance (DB-15), the DB Series subwoofers are said to “develop an impressive low-frequency foundation with maximum control and superior dynamics all out of a compact footprint.​”

Around back there's an integrated variable crossover and connections for line level and speaker level plus LFE input for processors. The infinitely variable phase adjustment ensures precise timing and fine-tuning to the main speakers.

Available in May but up for pre-order now from authorised dealers the new range is priced at (exc. VAT) £662.50 for DB-8, the DB-10 is £829.17, the DB-12, £995.83, and finally, the DB-15 costs £1245.83.

For more information visit Velodyne

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