Urban Editions - UK Made Hi-Fi & AV Furniture

Posted on 11th May, 2022

Urban Editions - UK Made Hi-Fi & AV Furniture

Urban Editions' vinyl storage and hardwood hi-fi furniture is made in the UK and sports a mid-century minimalist aesthetic.

You're a vinyl junkie, always have been. You were there from the beginning; you probably also gathered cassettes and CDs along the way, maybe even some minidisks around 1997, but you were always loyal to the LP.

Urban Editions vinyl storage and hi-fi furniture

No matter whether your collection is expansive or growing gradually - either way, chances are you know it's essential to store your precious library carefully and intelligently to ensure longevity and a lifetime's worth of enjoyment.

Urban Editions' range of vinyl storage and AV furniture looks great and is designed and made in the UK using sustainable solid hardwoods, the choice of woods includes oak, walnut, dark stained ash or iroko.

Urban Editions vinyl storage and hi-fi furniture

Furthermore, Urban Editions has designed their hi-fi and AV supports to seamlessly slip into the contemporary home thanks to its minimalist, mid-century aesthetic, which is the current hot topic. 

The Corston turntable stand (£1,955) or Technic turntable stand (£1,230) embody perfect examples of record player furniture for those with a vinyl habit - the dimensions provide the optimum height for standing at the turntable, and the clean lines create a setup with an unobtrusive, streamlined look. 

Urban Editions vinyl storage and hi-fi furniture

Just starting out? The Stack record player stand (£980 - pictured above) would be better suited to the beginnings of a burgeoning collection, designed to fit a select vinyl record collection of around 180-250 LPs, and space to accommodate hi-fi components above, with a turntable on top.

However, as all the furniture is made to order, custom sizes can be made, making the design unique to you and ensuring that it will be perfect for your home and equipment setup. Additionally, multiple leg styles are available meaning the furniture can be really tailored to your requirements.

Urban Editions vinyl storage and hi-fi furniture

Naturally, with vinyl records averaging 35 pounds per shelf-foot, the storage from Urban Editions promises to be solidly made from durable materials and deliver on its primary function without collapsing under the weight.

Urban Editions vinyl storage and hi-fi furniture

A partitioned solid design will be much more robust and stop your collection from keeling over or standing with a slant. The company says that its vinyl furniture designs are made in the UK using high-quality hardwoods - these are solid wood pieces made to last. They are crafted using traditional joinery techniques with solid joints and concealed solid wood plugs. They add both character and inherent strength to ensure your collection is safely stowed for decades to come.

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