Ultrasone Unveils iSAR, Lapis and Meteor One Wireless Headphones

Posted on 22nd February, 2022

Ultrasone Unveils iSAR, Lapis and Meteor One Wireless Headphones

Ultrasone, the high-end headphone brand, premieres three wireless earphones in the iSAR, Lapis and Meteor One.

Ultrasone's iSAR, Lapis and Meteor One see the German premium headphone brand enter the world of wireless earphones that results from more than two years of development, says the Bavarian specialist.

Ultrasone Bluetooth Headphones

Naturally, S-Logic, Ultrasone's core driver technology, remains a vital component of the on-ear models and is now complemented by Bluetooth technology.


The iSAR is pitched as audiophile on-ear headphones with active noise cancelling. The manufacturer says that the new earphones marry S-Logic technology with natural-sounding active noise cancelling.

Ultrasone Bluetooth Headphones

Also, you'll find Bluetooth 5.0, supporting AAC and Apt-X HD codecs baked in, too. You are promised flexibility and comfort alongside crystal-clear speech intelligibility on phone calls.


The true wireless in-ear headphones feature Bluetooth 5.2 with active noise cancelling and six integrated microphones. This says Ultrasone results in effective, natural-sounding noise cancelling and optimum speech intelligibility on phone calls.

Ultrasone Bluetooth Headphones

Additionally, the ambient sound mode means you can hear announcements without taking them out of your ears. Furthermore, the earbuds feature wireless (Qi) and fast charging for added convenience.


Finally, Ultrasone now offers a wireless gaming headset with a detachable microphone in the Meteor One.

Ultrasone Bluetooth Headphones

Ultrasone states that while you will still benefit from the latest-generation S-Logic technology, the Meteor One features a low-latency tactical mode, a dual-beam microphone with background noise suppression and stylish LEDs because gamers need more lights!

Ultrasone Bluetooth Headphones

Meanwhile, all three models offer good battery stamina, with the iSAR managing up to 35 hours, while the Lapis allows for up to 45 hours of audio entertainment. Even gamers won't need to take a break while their headset recharges as the Meteor One allows up to 15 hours of play time before you'd need to attach the cable and continue to play without limitations.

Ultrasone's new wireless headphones are available now, with the iSAR costing €229, Lapis priced at €179 and the Meteor One, €199.

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