UK Audio Show: Kerr Acoustic’s Award-Winning K320 Mk.3 Loudspeakers

Posted on 1st October, 2021

UK Audio Show: Kerr Acoustic’s Award-Winning K320 Mk.3 Loudspeakers

The StereoNET Applause-award winning K320 Mk.3 loudspeakers from Kerr Acoustic will make their first public debut at the UK Audio Show.

StereoNET's Global Editor-in-chief, David Price, reviewed this seriously sophisticated compact high-end floorstander earlier this month, declaring:

Most important, however, is the fact that this is great fun to listen to. It steps aside to leave the music to its own devices, letting it bounce along with heady abandon. It's interesting that such a sophisticated speaker delivers such an accessible and enjoyable performance. Nothing is too much trouble; it just gets into the groove and parties.

To add to your listening pleasure, Kerr Acoustic will also be featuring GIKAcoustics' room treatment products and partnering ancillaries from Townshend Audio.

Be sure to drop in and be one of the first to hear the fantastic Kerr Acoustic release, paired with the highly regarded Townshend Audio electronics at the UK Audio Show, Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th October 2021.

For more information visit Kerr Acoustic | UK Audio Show

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