Triangle Speakers and Turntable Distributed by SCV in UK and Ireland

Posted on 6th July, 2021

Triangle Speakers and Turntable Distributed by SCV in UK and Ireland

Triangle's range of premium audio products is now being looked after by SCV in the UK and Ireland.

Triangle's excellent selection of high-performance audiophile loudspeakers and wireless speaker solutions are now available throughout the UK and Ireland via SCV distribution.

Triangle SCV

Based in Northern France, Triangle has been innovating and manufacturing for four decades in a bespoke facility. Triangle's impressive range of home audio solutions covers everything from bookshelf to floor-standing speakers, as well as active digital solutions with network capabilities and app control.

SCV will be looking after all but the Borea range of speakers from Triangle's impressive portfolio, including the flagship Magellan series.

Triangle Magellan

Triangle SCV

The Magellan line results from five years of research, the goal being uncompromising perfection, says the brand.

There are four models in the Magellan range, starting with the two-way bookshelf Duetto, all the way up to the floor-standing Quatuor. Right at the top is the eight driver per side, three-way Grand Concert tower that stands more than two metres tall.

Finally, the Voce horizontally oriented two-way centre speaker is also available to complete home cinema use.

Triangle Esprit EZ

Triangle SCV

Perhaps the most renowned in Triangle's armoury is the Esprit EZ range. This draws on 40 years of experience and acoustic expertise to deliver a range of affordable loudspeakers that also embodies each facet of Triangle's design philosophy.

Triangle SCV

Here you have a choice of seven loudspeaker models that, says Triangle, is capable of phenomenal sonic realism and detail throughout the frequency spectrum. The Esprit EZ are impressive speakers.

Triangle Subwoofers

Triangle SCV

Taking care of the lower-frequencies are Triangle's Thetis and Tales subwoofers. Featuring either 8- or 10-inch drivers, these can extend your speakers' frequency response to 20Hz. While some subs may focus simply on boost, Thetis 300, Thetis 340 and Tales 340 promise a highly musical perspective in line with Triangle's philosophy of loudspeaker delivery.

Wireless and Analogue

Triangle SCV

Cutting the cables can also be found in traditional bookshelf style active speakers such as the LN01A to desktop solutions such as the AIO 3 and AIO Twin. In addition, Triangle's wireless speakers are designed to accommodate a wide range of digital technologies, including Bluetooth and WiFi, whilst also catering for analogue sources such as turntables via built-in ready to play phono stages.

Triangle SCV

Finally, there is the Triangle Turntable. This analogue source has been designed in partnership with Austrian manufacturer ProJect and features a belt drive and aluminium tonearm.

Visit Triangle Electroacoustique for more information


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