The Head-Fi Experience of The Year at UK Audio Show 2022

Posted on 6th October, 2022

The Head-Fi Experience of The Year at UK Audio Show 2022

Hifonix will showcase the best headphone systems money can buy at the UK Audio Show 2022.

Team Hifonix are bringing together the very best in head-fi, personal and portable audio to the UK Audio Show once more, and it promises to be even better than last year!

Last year's HEADZONES was impressive, but Hifonix owner Aseem Hussain is not one to rest on his laurels, and anyone who has visited the Hifonix showroom in Sutton Coldfield will attest that he is always looking for the next innovation.

Based in the Leicester Suite this weekend at the UK Audio Show, the team will be on hand to discuss any aspect of headphone solutions and demonstrate the most advanced reproduction that headphones are capable of achieving.

This will be the place to experience the dCS Lina headphone amplifier, DAC, and clock, as well as the fabulous T+A Solitaire P and HiFi Man Shangri-la electrostatic headphones. In addition, freshly announced headphones such as Dan Clark Audio's Expanse and Focal's Utopia 2022 and Bathys will be on show alongside the incredible SP3000 flagship player from Astell&Kern.

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Mola Mola's impressive Tambaqui will be available for demo, as will Chord Electronics' Dave and Mscaler. We can also expect Auralic's G2.1 and G1.1, as well as components from esteemed brands such as Audeze, Final, T+A, Moon, Rivera Labs, Zahl, and much more.

Furthermore, representatives of many of the brands will also be in attendance to answer any specialist questions you might have.

This promises to be the best opportunity this year to discover the true potential of desktop and personal hi-fi, and it should not be missed.

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