The Gryphon StandArt Hi-Fi Racks Launched

Posted on 30th October, 2020

The Gryphon StandArt Hi-Fi Racks Launched

Danish high-end hi-fi company, The Gryphon, has announced its new StandArt hi-fi furniture.

Following on from the launch of its VANTA cable range, the company has today announced its StandArt series of hi-fi component supports which, naturally, the brand states is the ideal basis for your Gryphon electronics.

Gryphon StandArt Racks

We are told that each shelf is formed of a triple constrained layer damped sandwich. Kerrock, a non-porous, homogeneous material (one-third acrylic resin and two-thirds natural minerals), forms the top layer. The bottom layer is compressed high-density MDF. The filling is a thin, non-resonant layer of sticky, black, highly viscous bitumen for optimal resonance control and mechanical damping. Additionally, due to its high molecular density, the Bitumen layer has energy-absorbing properties roughly equivalent to adding an MDF layer of three times its thickness. The differences in thickness and resonant characteristics of the three layers ensure audibly superior damping of vibration, says the manufacturer.

Gryphon StandArt Racks

The result of this sandwich is that it dissipates vibration by absorbing kinetic energy and converting it into low-grade frictional heat effectively and harmlessly, according to The Gryphon.

Furthermore, The Gryphon StandArt aluminium columns, which are available in three different heights (548mm, 800mm and 1124mm) are filled with a custom blend of oven-dried sand-particles. This is said to improve the overall performance of the StandArt furniture.

Gryphon StandArt Racks

Finally, the system is mechanically grounded through the dual-layer Gryphon Black Spike ST for optimal grounding and release of all inappropriate and harmful resonances which typically smear the sound and create distortion. We are also promised an extraordinarily low noise floor thanks to the overall design of the StandArt furniture.

Gryphon StandArt Racks

Prices range from €2,900 for the Essence Amp Stand to €8,800 for the Model 1124 rack which is comprised of four legs and four shelves. Alternatively, the Side-by-side version (six legs and four shelves) comes in at €8,950.

Visit Gryphon Audio Design for more information


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