T+A Caruso Range Gains Speakers and Compact All-in-One Amplifier

Posted on 25th February, 2021

T+A Caruso Range Gains Speakers and Compact All-in-One Amplifier

T+A's Caruso family has gained three new members in a just-add-speakers all-in-one and, handily, two new loudspeaker models.

T+A's Caruso R all-in-one, along with new S10 and R10 speakers, join the Herford-based luxury hi-fi manufacturer's Caruso lifestyle line making the range even more flexible.

T+A Caruso R

T+A elekroakustik's Caruso R, as you would expect, closely resembles the Caruso all-in-one audio system. Furthermore, the Caruso R mirrors the functionality of its sibling but does not feature the built-in speakers of its stablemate. Instead, the brand now offers the floorstanding S 10 and standmount R 10.

T+A Caruso R

International Sales Director Oliver John told StereoNET:

The Caruso R closes a gap in our Lifestyle line-up by addressing customers who are looking for a classic stereo system with the added benefits of the modern user interface and connectivity of the Caruso Multi-Source-System.

Like the original Caruso, the Caruso R's fascia is dominated by a high-resolution 7-inch screen offering intuitive operation. Additionally, the modern music player can also be controlled using the Caruso Navigator App for Android and iOS and the bundled remote control handset.

T+A Caruso R

While maintaining a compact footprint, the new Caruso boasts a pair of RCA analogue inputs, USB, Coaxial and Optical digital inputs, wired Ethernet, and FM and DAB tuners. Wireless sources come by way of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Additionally, Airplay 2, Spotify Connect, and Amazon HD are also supported.

As well as delivering music stored on your home network or via Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz, you even get a slot-loading CD player for when the need for physical media strikes.

You can even control your smart home tech via the Caruso R utilising Amazon Alexa. Naturally, you also have the option to switch off the Alexa functions and microphones.

T+A Caruso R

The Caruso R replaces the speaker grilles of its do-everything relation with stylishly cool black-lacquered aluminium cheek panels. Along with the contrasting silver cover, the result is an elegantly compact, extended silhouette.

Caruso S 10 and R 10 Loudspeakers

T+A Caruso R

Matching and supporting the Caruso R, the Herford firm introduces these two new loudspeakers, the three-way Caruso S 10 floorstander and two-way R 10 stand mount.

Both speakers feature exterior designs that slot harmoniously into the Caruso series. We are told that their forceful bass reproduction, crystal-clear mids and incisive treble generate a sound image that belies the diminutive forms with the S 10 slated with a 33 Hz–30 kHz frequency range from its pair of 152mm drive units partnering a dome tweeter, while the R 10 possess a 40 Hz–30 kHz frequency range from its single 152mm mid/bass driver and dome tweeter.

T+A Caruso R

The mid/bass unit diaphragms consist of various materials (carbon, fibres, cellulose), and are cast, pressed and air-dried while the cabinets feature substantial baffles that completely cover the drive unit baskets by means of precisely calculated annular aluminium mounts.

The T+A Caruso R has an RRP of £3,000/ €2,700 while the S 10 and R 10 have the RRPs of £2,500/ €2,250 and £1,300/ €1,150 respectively. All will be available from March 29th 2021.

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