SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Ready to Rumble in UK

Posted on 19th March, 2021

SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Ready to Rumble in UK

The mighty mini SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer lands in the UK.

SVS's 3000 Micro subwoofer features an active dual-driver system that promises to deliver “shockwave bass” from a cabinet measuring just 278 x 297 x 271 mm.

SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer

The 3000 Micro sub is said to benefit from innovations developed for the company's reference 16-Ultra subwoofers. An 800W RMS/2,500W Peak Sledge STA-800D2 Class D amplifier with discrete MOSFET output is partnered with opposing 8-inch drivers resulting in a stated frequency response of 23Hz to 240Hz +/-3 dB.

SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer

This configuration, states SVS, means that the drivers receive identical amounts of current and ensures precise controlled and mirrored operation. Additionally, by firing in unison in opposing directions, the mechanical energy transferred to the cabinet is effectively cancelled, creating a sonically inert enclosure that resolves the age-old problem of micro subwoofers moving around a room.

Finally, the inverted driver surround is designed to allow maximum excursion while moving massive amounts of air from the small enclosure. We're told to expect sound pressure levels (SPL) you can feel at the deepest frequencies.

SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer

All of that is wrapped in an enclosure with extra-thick MDF side baffles and rigid internal bracing to ensure an acoustically inert environment. SVS says that the highly reinforced internal design eliminates any chance of colouration or resonance from the cabinet, even when the deepest low frequencies are played at high volume.

Keeping everything in check is a 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with 56-bit filtering to room optimising frequency response curves and powerful DSP controls. Also, you can control the 3000 Micro via the SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app, which also features handy presets. The SVS app plays nice with Android and iOS devices and is probably the most convenient way to control volume, access multiple DSP functions, and programme custom presets for one-touch tuning optimised for music, movies and gaming. Furthermore, you can customise crossover frequencies, access a three-band parametric EQ, and adjust polarity, room gain, and more.

SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer

Gary Yacoubian, SVS President, told StereoNET:

Home theatre and Hi-Fi lovers have been waiting for a lifestyle-friendly subwoofer that can fit anywhere and actually deliver a reference listening experience. I'm so proud of what our engineering team has accomplished: a micro subwoofer worthy of the SVS name.

SVS 3000 Micro in Piano Gloss Black or Piano Gloss White costs £899 and is available as of this month.


The SVS 3000 Micro could be a smart solution for those looking to reinforce their compact hi-fi or surround sound system's low-frequency output. However, plenty of subwoofer fans might need convincing that such a diminutive sub will be able to move the amount of air they require. That said, with options such as KEF's KC62 subwoofer, which also uses opposing twin drivers but is both smaller and claims to go lower, albeit, at a higher price, there does seem to be a market for these space-saving subs.

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