Super Natural Audio & CML Music: British Ingenuity at UK Audio Show 2022

Posted on 24th August, 2022

Super Natural Audio & CML Music: British Ingenuity at UK Audio Show 2022

Danny Baty and Dr Chris Liauw showcase their independent approach to hi-fi design at UK Audio Show 2022.

The UK Audio Show celebrates talented independent companies alongside international brands. Two such British marques are Super Natural Audio (SNA) and CML Music, formerly Curvi-HiFi and CML Audio.

SNA is a British audio company founded by Danny Baty, an audiophile of 26 years who has developed effortlessly natural-sounding products inspired by his love of live music.

SNA’s approach utilises a combination of point-to-point hard-wired valve (vacuum tube), solid-state and digital technologies. At this year’s UK Audio Show, SNA will demonstrate its USB DAC and line-level preamplifier, the results of four years of development.

Both of these new offerings promise something different. For example, the DAC (above) features a highly sophisticated valve output stage and a triode buffer for SPDIF and USB inputs. Meanwhile, the preamplifier (below) uses a selected audio-grade pentode for the input stage and an octal triode-based output stage.

CML Music was founded in 2005 by Dr Chris Liauw and incorporates the impressive Curvi and Etude loudspeakers.

For Chris, live music - chiefly classical, with some jazz and rock too - is the audio benchmark by which he judges his creations. In his view, the reproduction of the live event involves full-range drive units - with no high, low, or band pass filtering - partnered with transmission line loading for natural bass reproduction.

Chris is one of the earliest adopters of balanced mode radiator (BMR) technology, partly thanks to working with Christien Ellis (BMR co-inventor).

You will have the opportunity to hear demonstrations of the Etude 5 (below) and the MkII version of the Applause Award-winning Curvi-BMR (above), apparently, the only single-driver loudspeakers to reproduce the full audible spectrum in-room as a stereo pair.

Visit Chris and Danny in Syndicate 32 at the UK Audio Show.

Early bird tickets for the UK Audio Show on 8th and 9th October 2022 are available now


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