StormAudio Announces ISP Core 16 AV Processor

Posted on 22nd September, 2021

StormAudio Announces ISP Core 16 AV Processor

StormAudio has announced its new ISP Core 16 entry-level 16-Channel AV Processor. 

ISP Core 16 is destined to be the answer to a call from enthusiasts that want true high-end technologies but have been limited by the lack of more affordable offerings at the pointy-end of the multi-channel AV processing market. StormAudio’s ISP Core 16 is the beneficiary of impressive trickle-down technologies found in its elite ISP MK2 line, as reviewed previously by StereoNET here

The ISP Core 16 is a 16-channel processor as the model number suggests, featuring 16 XLR outputs and 16 unique channels of processing for Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D immersive arrangements. It also offers Dirac Live, Roon, PEQs, active crossovers, multi-zone audio/video with separate calibrations in all zones, channel-based digital delays, and more.

Some features such as Dirac Bass Control, Storm’s proprietary Expert Bass Management with Flexible Bass Routing, and the brand’s HDMI video matrix feature, standard features of the ISP MK2 model, are available as optional upgrades.

New to the ISP Core 16 is a brand-new colour display. Unlike the display found on MK2 models, the Core 16’s display can show graphics and important functionality information previously accessible only through Storm’s web-based user interface; this feature will streamline quick, on-the-spot troubleshooting performed by installers and enthusiasts alike.

Another exciting development is StormAudio’s new Channel Ambiance Expander or StormXT. This feature allows a system to take advantage of all speakers deployed in a theatre room. For example, owners with a high channel count, such as 13.1.10 tailored to satisfy Dolby Atmos content, will get a wider number of speakers used when playing Auro-3D content, natively limited to a 7.1.4 channel rendering. StormXT will be offered as a paid license to Core 16 buyers and a free upgrade to MK1/MK2 owners.

The StormAudio ISP Core 16 is expected to be available soon and will sell for £12,640/ €10,000.

For more information visit StormAudio

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