Steinway & Sons Model A Room-Friendly Loudspeaker Launched

Posted on 3rd March, 2022

Steinway & Sons Model A Room-Friendly Loudspeaker Launched

Steinway Lyngdorf announces the new Steinway & Sons Model A loudspeaker, designed to be placed against a wall.

The Steinway & Sons Model A loudspeaker looks as elegant as one would expect from the combination of Steinway and Lyngdorf. However, where the Model D will undoubtedly dominate any room, given both its dimensions and requirement for space around its dipole design, the slender Model A should prove to be more room-friendly for less expansive environments. Indeed, Steinway Lyngdorf mentions apartments, penthouses, and even yachts!

Steinway Lyndgorf Steinway & Sons Model A

With a cabinet measuring just 270 mm deep, the Model A is still brimming with the latest tech. Here you will find Steinway Lyngdorf’s signature Kapton foil Air Motion Transformer tweeter and a dedicated 165mm anodized aluminium cone midrange driver partnered with a pair of 30cm woofers.

Steinway Lyndgorf Steinway & Sons Model A

We are informed that this team of drivers is good for 25Hz-22kHz (-3 dB) from the closed cabinet enclosure constructed from aluminium and MDF with a steel base. That build has the Steinway & Sons Model A tipping the scales at 76kg.

Steinway Lyndgorf Steinway & Sons Model A

Naturally, the speaker sports black piano finish side panels (white and custom colours can be requested) with black strings and matte gold accents. As the Model A only stands at 1150mm tall, we were told to also note the matte gold embellishment on the top of the speaker.

Steinway Lyndgorf Steinway & Sons Model A

The Model A loudspeaker is designed and assembled by hand in Denmark. Ensuring it sounds as it should by connecting them to a Steinway Lyngdorf stereo processor and a digital amplifier, the system also incorporates Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect technology.

Steinway Lyndgorf Steinway & Sons Model A

RoomPerfect acoustically calibrates the speaker to the room acoustics, always ensuring the very best sound experience for every customer in any room.

The Steinway & Sons Model A will be available in Q2 2022, with pricing in the region of €22,000 plus tax (depending on the country) for the speakers.

Steinway Lyndgorf Steinway & Sons Model A

However, as the company has an integrated system approach, we were told in the briefing that they would have to consider the associated electronics before giving a total cost. To this end, they suggest the Steinway & Sons A1 or A2 digital power amplifiers as an integral part of the system, with the Steinway & Sons stereo or surround processors performing the active crossover in the digital domain.

Visit Steinway Lyngdorf for more information


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