Stax Launches New SR-X9000 Flagship Earspeakers

Posted on 21st September, 2021

Stax Launches New SR-X9000 Flagship Earspeakers

At the pinnacle of Stax's electrostatic earspeaker range is its new range-topping SR-X9000, surpassing its SR-009, and featuring the newly developed fixed electrode “MLER-3”.

Stax's SR-X9000 features the next evolution of MLER-2, thanks to manufacturing improvements. According to Stax, “An etching electrode and a metal-mesh electrode are bonded using the diffused junction (thermocompression bonding). After two generations of STAX flagship models, STAX's manufacturing technology makes a significant contribution to the stable mass production of big round-shaped metal-mesh electrodes.” Stax says that the introduction of MLER-3 has led to “sound transparency evolved more smoothly than conventional multi-layer fixed electrodes. And the rigidity characteristic resistant to vibration also evolved.”

STAX SR-X9000 earspeaker headphones

Frequency response is quoted as 5Hz – 42,000Hz, Electrostatic capacitance at 110pF (including cable), 145kΩ Impedance, Sound pressure sensitivity rated at 100dB / input 100Vr.m.s. / 1kHz, and DC580V Bias Voltage. The SR-X9000 weighs in at 432g without cable.

As the Japanese headphone specialist's new flagship offering, the SR-X9000 features a 20% larger area diaphragm over the SR-009S. The company says this also “realises the widest sound field ever.” The enclosure has also been redesigned and machined from aluminium, said to eliminate unnecessary vibrations. 

STAX SR-X9000 earspeaker headphones

Comfort is also ensured thanks to a stainless steel arc assembly, more tolerant to torsion, and more stability when it comes to fit. Wrapped in genuine leather, the arc assembly features a 9-step click system for perfect fit and comfort.

The replaceable cables also feature 6NCu ultra-pure annealed copper wire in Stax's original wide parallel 6-strand cable. Both a 1.5m and 2.5m cable are supplied.

STAX SR-X9000 earspeaker headphones

Completing the package is a storage case made of “paulownia wood” which Stax boasts “has low thermal conductivity and humidity control capacity.”

The Stax SR X-9000 are expected to be available in October, for £5,395.

For more information visit Stax

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