Sonus faber to Supply Maserati MC20 Soundtrack

Posted on 9th September, 2020

Sonus faber to Supply Maserati MC20 Soundtrack

Two stylish Italian brands are coming together to give you a better soundtrack to life on the road.

Sonus Faber will be supplying the sound system for Maserati's upcoming MC20 supercar.

Sonus faber maserati mc20

Sonus Faber x Maserati MC20, as the system is imaginatively called, features a 695-watt power amp pushing out to a total of 12 channels. The Italian in-car hi-fi comprises of five tweeters, five midrange drivers and a pair of woofers, each of which its own Class D amplifier - 100W for woofers, 60W for midranges and 45W for the tweeters and surround speakers. All the transducers are said to be crafted without compromise using natural materials as much as possible, and rare earths to maximise efficiency and reduce weight.

Sonus faber Maserati MC20

Sonus faber Brand Ambassador, Paolo Tezzon, told StereoNET:

The calibre of detail that goes into manufacturing a Maserati model perfectly matched Sonus faber's attention to detail and inspired our team to focus on what has defined the brand over the years - expert craftsmanship.

Sonus faber Maserati MC20

Moreover, we have had word that select Maserati equipped with a Sonus Faber branded audio system will now have the TIDAL app pre-installed with a complimentary 12 or 3-month membership depending on the vehicle. MC20 owners can access a complimentary three-month TIDAL HiFi subscription.

The new MC20 will be in dealer showrooms next year, but orders are being taken as of September 10th.

This is, of course, in addition to McIntosh designing the in-car system for the Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept and both McIntosh and Sonus faber, who fly under the McIntosh Group banner, partnering with Alps Alpine, an OEM supplier of components and complete systems with more than 50 years of experience in the field.

Sonus faber - McIntosh - Alps Alpine

Alps Alpine is set to design and develop speakers and amplifiers using patented technologies from both brands, with engineers on all sides working together to tune the systems.

It really does look like the McIntosh Group is literally going places!

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