SIVGA Robin and Oriole Headphones Available

Posted on 23rd November, 2022

SIVGA Robin and Oriole Headphones Available

SIVGA's Robin and Oriole headphones promise performance way beyond their price point.

SIVGA might not be a name that springs immediately to mind when contemplating quality hi-fi headphones; however, it is the sibling company to Sendy who impressed us with its Peacock planars.


While SIVGA might operate out of China and appear to be fans of Michael Jackson's (or Bobby Day's) Rockin' Robin, judging by the names of its latest headphones, with the Robin costing £149 and the Oriole priced at £219, these could well be bargains.

SIVGA Oriole

Both models feature 50mm dynamic drivers, which are more commonly found in audiophile cans than the standard 30mm units used in domestic offerings. SIVGA state a 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response and 32Ω (+/- 15%) impedance for both sets. However, the Robin has a quoted sensitivity of 105dB (+/- 3dB), whereas the Oriole is listed at 108dB (+/- 3dB).


The Robin is slightly lighter at 275g than the Oriole's 280g, but neither are heavyweights compared to some high-end headphones. These come with a braided cable with a 6.3mm adaptor and a balanced cable for listening on high-end personal media players. For some reason, the Robin gets a 1.6M cable, and the Oriole is blessed with a 1.8M length.

SIVGA Oriole

You get memory foam earpads to cosset your ears with the Robin and Oriole offered with light or dark brown wooden earcups with different finishes. Moreover, the different models are said to provide different sound signatures too.


The Oriole model comes in a high-gloss finish and has a sound signature described as “balanced and wide, ideal for classical and jazz music”. The Robin sports a matt finish, and SIVGA says it has a “lively, forward sound” that would suit rock, pop and dance music - a rockin' robin, indeed.

We've yet to hear these models, but they could well be worth checking out. The £149 Robin and £219 Oriole are both available now on Amazon.


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