Short Film’s Voice of Sound is Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir

Posted on 13th July, 2021

Short Film’s Voice of Sound is Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir

McIntosh and digital media brand/creative studio CONVICTS team up to launch Voice of Sound, a new short film that celebrates the history of sound and music, voiced by the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir.

The Voice of Sound project sees New York-based brands McIntosh and CONVICTS coming together through a shared goal of supporting artists and celebrating music culture while helping connect communities and lift spirits. Something that both teams felt especially necessary following recent difficult times.

The film is narrated by Weir as the 'Voice of Sound'. We're told that it explores the genesis of sound and its role throughout history, something McIntosh has been a part of since 1949. Viewers can expect flashes of McIntosh's most iconic moments and products that seamlessly mix and mingle with powerful imagery.

CONVICTS Director, Sharkey Weinberg, told StereoNET:

From the beginning, the project took on a life of its own; the script wrote itself and the images appeared with startling clarity.

With McIntosh President, Charlie Randall, adding:

I've been at McIntosh for over 30 years and have seen the brand touch so many lives by bringing sound and music to homes and events like Woodstock. Telling a story so rich in history isn't easy, and CONVICTS did a fantastic job of adding a human element that taps into that heritage and nostalgia. We were so excited to work with Bob for the project; I was thrilled when he said yes – for me, it had to be his voice.

Weinberg remarked:

At CONVICTS, we are dedicated to creating purpose-driven work, so to collaborate with McIntosh, the brand that's provided the hardware for world-changing creativity over the years, was incredible. Plus, working with Bob Weir as our voice of sound was straight out of our wildest little Deadhead dreams.

McIntosh is enouraging everyone to 'Find Your Sound' stating, “It was sound that signified the beginning of time – a Big Bang, and all that was to be, was. Sound is how we track our journey. It feeds our soul. Energizes and motivates. Moves us to tears”.

We can't argue with that.

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