Scansonic Adds New Floorstander, Standmount and On-wall Options to L and M Speaker Series

Posted on 13th April, 2022

Scansonic Adds New Floorstander, Standmount and On-wall Options to L and M Speaker Series

Scansonic's L and M series loudspeaker ranges now have more on-wall and floorstanding options.

The L and M Scansonic loudspeaker ranges have been further expanded with the news of new on-wall and larger stand-mounted and floorstanding options.

The Scansonic L series gains the L7 standmount and L14 floorstanders alongside a “true multipurpose” loudspeaker in the shape of the L On-Wall. Additionally, the M series welcomes the M On-Wall “performance” model.

Scansonic L Series

We are told that the L On-Wall is designed to match the rest of the L-series range and shares the same core technology, including a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter combined with a front-ported 4.5-inch Kevlar bass/midrange driver. The 10cm deep, slim enclosure should allow easy placement in a home cinema or stereo setup where space is limited without compromising sound quality. Scansonic adds that it will work well in a 2.1 configuration with a subwoofer.

Scansonic L Series

The new Scansonic L7 and L14 loudspeakers hand you larger options in either standmount (L7) or floorstanding (L14) configurations. The Danish company states that both models sport a 6.5-inch woofer formed of a special paper cone material to achieve the optimum stiffness and damping for the cone size - the L7 gets one, and the L14 gets two.

Scansonic L Series

This is flanked by a high-performance 1-inch silk soft-dome tweeter, while the ported cabinet (front for L7, rear for the L14) has been heavily braced and increased thickness of the walls, mitigating uncontrolled resonances.

Finally, the M On-Wall promises a “very high-quality” sound in an on-wall configuration.

Scansonic M Series

The sealed Kapton/ aluminium ribbon tweeter lends itself to producing a crisp and clear performance combined with its 4.5-inch honeycomb-enforced glass fibre coned woofer further augmented by a downfiring port. This multipurpose, high-performance loudspeaker can be used as rear or stereo speakers in a home cinema and in a 2.1 setup with a subwoofer.

The new loudspeakers are available now with the L On-Wall (€450 per pair), L7 (€690 per pair), and the L14 (€1,690 for a couple) offered in black, white, and walnut finishes. The M On-Wall is in black and white silk mat paint for €825 for a pair.

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