Russ Andrews Torlyte Support For Smaller Hi-Fi

Posted on 28th October, 2020

Russ Andrews Torlyte Support For Smaller Hi-Fi

Russ Andrews now offers a duo of audio equipment supports for smaller audio components as part of its Torlyte Platform range.

The two new Torlyte models are specifically designed to fit compact equipment, such as Cyrus Audio's half-width products and older Naim pieces. Additionally, Russ Andrews says the new platforms will suit phono stages, DACs, headphone amps and power supplies.

small medium torlyte platforms

Naturally, the latest Russ Andrews Torlyte supports are constructed in exactly the same way as the full-sized platforms. This means that the same ultra-light, incredibly rigid materials are sat within a lightweight wooden construction.

The increased rigidity of the new design along with its low-mass construction serves to provide both a stable and secure mounting for the audio equipment while being more efficient at dumping unwanted energy to ground, we are told.

small medium torlyte platforms

Russ Andrews, Technical Director and Chairman told StereoNET:

I discovered that the acoustic feedback of energy through the loudspeakers and into the hi-fi components is a major cause of time delay or 'smearing' in the music. This is exacerbated by the use of high mass supports which effectively trap acoustic feedback from the speakers in the equipment. Torlyte addresses this problem by utilising very low mass shelves and supports, which store little energy and delay it less. This raises the speed of reaction to the feedback energy and, as a result, reduces the time smear.

To do this, Torlyte couples all the parts of the system together in such a way that the energy passes freely through with the system components coupled to the floor, rather than decoupled, resulting in the 'dumping' of unwanted energy into the ground.

small medium torlyte platforms

The new medium-sized Torlyte Platform features the new Russ Andrews 'low profile' Jumbo Cone Feet, which are affixed to the underside of the platform in a three-point configuration, ensuring each point is always in contact with the surface on which it rests. The small Torlyte Platform features Big Cone Feet. The feet act as the conduit for the energy to be dumped.

The latestTorlyte Platforms are available now and price £174 for the Small (220mm wide x 200mm deep x 50mm high) and £205 for the Medium (250mm wide x 390mm deep x 50mm high).

They are covered by a 25-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee if not entirely satisfied with the performance upgrade.


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