Russ Andrews Torlyte Platform Updated

Posted on 6th November, 2019

Russ Andrews Torlyte Platform Updated

Russ Andrews has upgraded its Torlyte Platforms which are now available.

The new Russ Andrews Torlyte platforms have been designed after “careful analysis of the fundamental operation of Torlyte”, according to the company. Additionally, the application of new materials and manufacturing techniques, they say, has resulted in a redesign of this well-respected component support solution.

Russ Andrews Torylte Platform 2019

The driving principle behind Torlyte is the coupling of components and the fast transfer of unwanted mechanical energy to ground, away from the sensitive audio components.

New Torylte Platform Design

The new design features an ultra-light, but incredibly rigid structure, within the lightweight wooden construction of the platform.

We are told that the result is inherently stiffer and stronger than its predecessor while maintaining the same overall width and depth.

Russ Andrews Torlyte Platform 2019

The increased rigidity and low mass serve to provide a stable and secure mounting for the audio components such as a turntable, CD, streamer, amplifier – while being more efficient at dumping energy to ground.

Finally, new, wider, Russ Andrews 'slimline' Jumbo Cone Feet are fitted to the underside of the 440mm x 345mm x 50mm (inc. feet) platform in a three-point configuration.

Price and availability

The new Torlyte platforms are available now, direct from Russ Andrews, for £215.


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