Russ Andrews Symphony System Enhancers

Posted on 16th October, 2019

Russ Andrews Symphony System Enhancers

Russ Andrews has announced its Symphony System Enhancers that promises to significantly improve the performance of any hi-fi or home cinema system.

The Symphony System Enhancers utilise electromagnetic field stabiliser technology, according to the information we have here.

The new Symphony and Symphony Pro are manufactured by the same people behind the original Quantum Symphony. These compact boxes that are designed to sit close to the hi-fi system. Once placed, they reduce the adverse effects caused by stray electromagnetic fields by generating a low-frequency field which effectively tunes the RF noise and so improves audio fidelity.

What's inside?

Russ Andrews Symphony

Under the hood, you will find several coils – four in the Symphony and six in the Symphony Pro – which generate the 'tuned' fields. Their effect is to positively change the performance of electrical devices, smoothing out the unwanted noise contained within electromagnetic signals and fields.

The units are to be plugged in and situated next to the hi-fi system. Additionally, the included antenna can be attached and used to strengthen the effect of the unit. The ariel can either be fastened to the wall behind the hi-fi system or run alongside the speaker cables.

Russ Andrews Symphony

The Symphony is supplied with a standard 'wall wart' power supply whereas the Symphony Pro features an enhanced, internal power supply. Naturally, each unit can be used in conjunction with mains filters.

Russ Andrews, Technical director and owner of the business, has been a fan of electromagnetic field stabilisers since the first QRT Quantum products. He told StereoNET:

I was delighted when the original owners of the Quantum company contacted me to say they were relaunching and introducing these new products, and I was incredibly pleased with the results they provided. The music was given a whole new dimension, it was calmer, and there was more information present. A richer and wider soundstage emerged too, which was more cohesive, solid and musical. I certainly won't be removing them from my own system.

Price and availability

The Symphony costs £399, and the Symphony Pro is £799.

Both are available direct from Russ Andrews and come with the Russ Andrews 60 Day Home Trial with Money Back Guarantee.


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