Rega Naia Reference Turntable Now Available

Posted on 22nd September, 2023

Rega Naia Reference Turntable Now Available

Rega's Naia flagship record player is now available after months of touring the globe, featuring a titanium tonearm and graphene-impregnated carbon fibre skeletal plinth.

Rega has officially confirmed the price and release of its high-end turntable - the Rega Naia - which is the UK company's most advanced and expensive vinyl spinner to date.

Rega Naia Official

The Naia first stopped us in our tracks this year at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2023, where Rega teased visitors with its early preview of the new reference turntable. Here, we got word of its new titanium tonearm, a graphene-infused carbon fibre skeletal plinth, and the use of Zirconium-toughened Alumina (ceramic) for the central bearing.

Rega Naia Official

All exciting stuff and worthy of what is essentially the production version of the money-no-object engineering concept Rega Naiad, which was eventually forced to become a limited edition of 50 hand-made decks through demand.

Rega's Naia combines the discoveries and technology from the Naiad's development and the brand's half-century of engineering expertise in a reference-level high-end consumer turntable. To say that the British brand is proud of its achievement may be an understatement.

Rega Naia Official

With the Naia, Rega takes its signature low-mass, high-rigidity design to the extreme with the skeletal plinth employing the same Tancast 8 foam core as used for the Planar 8 and Planar 10 decks but upping the game with carbon fibre infused with graphene to hit the sweet spot for rigidity and lightness. Furthermore, the plinth features two ceramic aluminium oxide braces. That material is also used in the redesigned resonance-controlled ceramic platter, which boasts an improved flywheel effect.

Rega Naia Official

The central bearing is made of a ZTA Zirconium-toughened Alumina (aka ceramic), as seen in the Naiad. Connecting the reference AC power supply unit-driven motor with the platter is a belt comprised of a “bespoke new rubber compound”, which, says Rega, promises “perfect speed stability”.

Rega Naia Official

Helping excavate as much information out of the grooves as possible is the all-new RB Titanium tonearm, which Rega claims is the “most advanced and accurate production tonearm” ever released. Comprising a single-piece aluminium arm tube, titanium is utilised in the vertical bearing and spindle assembly. The arm is designed to have minimal mechanical joints to achieve “near frictionless movement”. According to Rega, the perfect partner for the Naia's bespoke arm is its own Aphelion 2 moving coil cartridge, naturally.

Rega Naia Official

The Rega Naia is priced at £9,999 without a cartridge but with a neat dust cover. Add a fitted Aphelion 2 MC cartridge (£3,465 RRP), and the Naia package costs £12,500 (saving you £964 and the fitting time). Still, it's much more achievable than the Naiad's £30,000 asking price for most of us.

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