Qobuz Exclusive Tracks From Circuit Des Yeux, Anat Cohen, Dinosaur Jr. Mixed in THX Spatial Audio

Posted on 11th August, 2022

Qobuz Exclusive Tracks From Circuit Des Yeux, Anat Cohen, Dinosaur Jr. Mixed in THX Spatial Audio

THX Spatial Audio tracks exclusive to Qobuz have been launched on the streaming site by CdY, Anat Cohen and Dinosaur Jr., but anyone with headphones can enjoy them.

Circuit Des Yeux, Anat Cohen, and Dinosaur Jr. have teamed up with Qobuz, the Hi-Res streaming and download platform, to release exclusive 24-bit tracks mixed in THX Spatial Audio.

Thanks to Dolby Atmos Music and Apple Spatial Audio, this latest step in immersive streamed audio has been backed by iTunes, TIDAL and Amazon HD, with Qobuz today announcing its collaboration with THX Spatial Audio. All appear to have the same aim of providing you with a unique music listening experience that combines a more “live” spatial effect with superior hi-res audio quality.

Available to anyone listening from a device of their choice over any headphones, THX Spatial Audio uses advanced signal processing to place sounds “out of the head” and transform conventional audio with realistic acoustics ensuring a unique listening experience, whether simulating a recording studio or an authentic virtual environment, so says the press release.

Each track was created with an immersive audio experience in mind.

  • Listen to Double Dare by Circuit des Yeux to experience the all-enveloping, concert-hall-like immersive drama she evokes with THX Spatial Audio.
  • Listen to Calling Vic Juris by Anat Cohen to hear another dimension of THX Spatial Audio–that creates an extreme sense of intimacy and approachability.
  • Listen to Whenever You're Ready by Dinosaur Jr. in THX Spatial Audio, and you'll hear crunchy overdriven guitars and unique movement within the song for a satisfying, dynamic, immersive listening experience.

These tracks are essentially a gateway for listeners to experience THX Spatial Audio.

Dan Mackta, managing director, Qobuz USA, told StereoNET:

The ease with which Qobuz users can experience the THX Spatial Audio music tracks, and the fact that it is lossless, even Hi-Res, make the format a natural fit for our platform. The artists providing these THX Spatial Audio mixes on Qobuz are eclectic and acclaimed and are a great fit for our audience of true music aficionados.

Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux stated:

My favourite part about the CdY interpretation of Double Dare is the way Whitney (Johnson) represents the screeching guitar part with a viola and overdrive pedal. The way the harmonics and feedback bounces and resonates around in THX Spatial Audio feels like being in the eye of a tornado.

Anat Cohen added:

The THX Spatial Audio format amplifies the building momentum heard as the track progresses, especially ~3.5 minutes in when the clarinet tracks soar with and above the multiple layers of guitars. With this audio format, I could express the influences of both the acoustic and electric worlds we breathe.

The new THX Spatial Audio relationship marks the second partnership between Qobuz and THX Ltd. Previously, the two companies worked to increase consumer access to 24-bit Hi-Res quality by creating a promotional offer with THX's first consumer DAC/Amp dongle, the Applause Award-winning THX Onyx.
For more about THX Spatial Audio, please visit: https://www.thx.com/thx-spatial-audio-content/

Qobuz also offers a month's free trial if you want to explore what this hi-res audio streaming site has to offer.


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