Pro-Ject A1 Automatic Turntable Released

Posted on 31st January, 2022

Pro-Ject A1 Automatic Turntable Released

Pro-Ject Audio Systems adds the Automat series of turntables to its popular range of offerings, starting with the A1.

Pro-Ject's Automat range is the first fully automatic turntable series that promises to make listening to vinyl records in high quality more accessible than ever before.

Pro-Ject A1 automatic turntable

The A1 is said to use premium, anti-resonant materials and technologies throughout its construction. Furthermore, we are told that the automated system is entirely mechanical, avoiding the need for any extra built-in electronics, and is wholly disengaged when the record is playing. All you have to do is set the playback speed and then push START; the A1 takes care of the rest for you.

Pro-Ject A1 automatic turntable

Added convenience in the form of a built-in moving magnet (MM) phono stage means the A1 is plug-and-play as long as you have an audio system with a spare LINE or AUX input available. However, by making the phono stage switchable, this feature can also be bypassed for systems that already have or wish to upgrade to an external phono pre-amp.

Pro-Ject A1 automatic turntable

The A1 features a low-mass  8.3-inch aluminium tonearm finished with a carbon fibre reinforced headshell, ideally suited to the Ortofon OM10 cartridge it comes fitted with.

Pro-Ject A1 automatic turntable

The Pro-Ject A1 comes supplied with a detachable dust cover and Pro-Ject's popular Connect-IT E turntable-ready RCA phono cables in the box.

The Pro-Ject A1 is available from February with a suggested retail price of £369.

Visit Pro-Ject for more information


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