Posted on 13th May, 2018


Launched at Munich's High End Show this week, PMC lifted the covers of its new £45k Fact Fenestria flagship loudspeakers.

Promising a new standard of lifelike, vivid precision at all listening levels, PMC says Fenestria will do so without the unwanted distortion and colouration produced in the drivers and cabinet.

In sonic terms, the speaker itself disappears, replaced by an entirely transparent window on the music. This would explain why PMC says the Fact Fenestria is “the loudspeaker you will never hear”.

Ingeniously, to eliminate unwanted vibrations, they turned to techniques used in structural engineering to reduce damage during earthquakes.

Adding a large weight (a tuned mass damper) to the top of skyscrapers prevents the formation of destructive seismic vibrations. As the building oscillates, the mass moves in opposition, cancelling out the unwanted resonances.

Using these same principles, the planar wings of Fenestria’s cabinet have been precisely engineered to resonate in opposition to rest of the loudspeaker assembly, so that unwanted vibrations are eliminated before they ever leave the cabinet.

Simply put, the side panels cancel out all of the unwanted energy produced by the drivers, leaving nothing but music.

The tailor-made high-frequency soft-dome driver in Fenestria builds on PMC ’s heritage of respected treble driver design, delivering natural, open-sounding highs and extremely stable three-dimensional imaging, augmented by the PMC-designed dispersion grille.

Using a neodymium magnet assembly, the driver was designed to be extremely light and compact. This allows it to mount tightly with the mid-range driver in the nest, making it as close to an ideal point source as possible — another example of engineering and aesthetics working hand in hand.

An extra silicone-damped suspension mount, the Aureole, protects the treble unit, keeping it perfectly focused and still.

A 75mm soft-dome mid-range driver created especially for the new loudspeaker covers the key frequencies in instrumental and vocal recordings.

The carefully shaped spun aluminium form was also engineered to be acoustically inert, producing no unwanted reflections when teamed with the tweeter in the nest.

PMC loudspeakers are notable for their remarkable bass response that remains consistent at all volumes. This is in part due to the inclusion of the company’s patented ATL bass-loading technology as well as the custom-designed piston bass drivers.

Designed in a flat disc shape, with a massive magnet assembly, the drivers move huge volumes of air with maximum efficiency.

Fenestria’s piston driver is composed of a triple-layer composite consisting of a rigid multicellular damping core sandwiched between twin sheets of transverse-weave carbon-fibre. Hand-prepared by a supplier of advanced composites to the world’s leading motorsport manufacturers, the material does not deform, producing a flatter, accurate response.

As well as PMC’s ATL tech, these new speakers feature Laminair aerodynamic venting. By applying ATL aerodynamic principles from high-performance engineering used from Formula1 to Le Mans an even smoother, laminar air flow is achieved at the exit from the transmission line.

The PMC Fenestria will be available in September for £45,000 in white silk, rich walnut, graphite, and tiger ebony finishes.

For more information visit PMC Speakers.


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