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PMC has launched the ci140 and ci140sub slimline loudspeakers at CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.

The first two models of PMC's all-new custom installation loudspeakers will be unveiled at the CEDIA Expo and so bring its technology and Hollywood studio audio quality to the installation sector.

The first two models, the ci140 and ci140sub, will be launched at CEDIA 2019, with the ci30, ci45, ci90slim and ci65 following in Q1 2020.

Designed from the ground up, the ci Series incorporates the proprietary PMC technologies and audio quality from its multi-award-winning audiophile speakers and studio monitors.

Designed with Installers in Mind

The new custom install range has been designed with a shallow depth for wall mounting. Additionally, all models, apart from the ci140 and ci140sub, are also intended to be used in-wall.

An optional mounting sleeve fits around the cabinets of the ci30, ci45, ci90slim and ci65 to conceal the in-wall mounting system. Furthermore, this also creates an elegant and discrete on-wall model.

As the same product can be used for both in-wall and on-wall installations means that fewer model numbers need to be stocked, as well as giving installers more options.

The speed of in-wall mounting makes the entire range very “installer-friendly”. The ci30, ci45, ci90slim and ci65 are fitted with PMC's Qikfire spring-loaded mounting system. So, with a simple twist of a screwdriver, the loudspeaker is mounted securely and quickly. Also, it enables post-installation micro adjustment. Naturally, removal is just as easy as installation, with a simple twist.

The on-wall mounting of each model is a straightforward process using the optional interlocking wall bracket.

Each model boasts a host of features that set them aside from any other products.

PMC Driver Tech

PMC Custom Install Range

The drive units are developed from PMC's in-depth knowledge and comprise the LT woofer and the longer throw and higher power handling version, the LTx. The speakers are kitted out with 130mm (5.25-inch) natural fibre cones, the 50mm (2-inch) dome midrange and a 27mm (1.1-inch) dome tweeter.

The cabinets all feature PMC's respected Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass loading technology and Laminair vents, as well as a sophisticated, hand-built, precision crossover.

The LT & LTx long-throw woofers have a doped natural fibre dished cone and inverted dust cap that reduces unwanted high-frequency reflections from the cone surface. The high-power voice coils are mounted in a low-profile basket to fit in the shallow cabinets.

ATL Bass Loading

The drivers have been designed for use with PMC's ATL bass loading tech. In ATL speakers, the highly braced cabinet is lined with custom-designed acoustic foam that absorbs all but the very lowest frequencies. The low-end created exits through a front-panel vent that extends the low-frequency response and creates the impression of a far larger speaker.


The vent includes PMC's Laminair technology, created by Oliver Thomas, PMC's head of design. Thomas used his knowledge of aerodynamics gained from his time in Formula One. The reduced turbulence and drag results in a smooth laminar airflow. Also, and perhaps more importantly, faster, higher definition bass with accurate timing and dynamics.

All ci series cabinets are enclosed at the rear, ensuring that sound leakage to adjoining rooms is kept to an absolute minimum.

All models benefit from the use of a solid, milled aluminium front panel, ensuring high rigidity, no cabinet flex and maximum damping effect at the area of highest pressure of the ATL.

PMC Custom Install Range

result6 tweeter

The high-frequency information is reproduced by the professionally proven tweeter found in PMC's studio nearfield monitors, the result6.

The 27mm soft dome is mounted within a custom waveguide that controls off-axis response and produces an identical lobe at the crossover point. The ferrofluid cooled neodymium magnet, with built-in heatsink, enables high power handling. The unit's physical small size allows it to be mounted as close as possible to the other drive units. Additionally, it is offset to smooth out edge reflections and work horizontally and vertically.

The four smaller models in the range are two-way designs, the flagship ci140 is a three-way design with four bass drivers.

BB5 mid-range tech

PMC has long been known for its dome midrange driver designs, which were first seen in the world's leading studio monitor speakers, the BB5. The ci140 is the latest to benefit from that technology being honed and trickled down into other PMC models.

The all-new 50mm (2-inch) dome features n-compass technology - a new dispersion flange for a flat frequency response and “phenomenal off-axis performance”. Attributes that make it suited to either horizontal or vertical placement, as in a cinema LCR system.
Around the edge of the dome are two distinct geometric forms, one exponential and one hyperbolic. The designs form a complex profile to improve diffusion and uniformity over a wider area. Moreover, they produce better low-frequency dispersion and sensitivity as well as a smoother high-frequency dispersion without edge diffraction. The upshot of all that is an identical immersive audio experience from all listening positions.

c1140 sub

PMC Custom Install Range

The ci140 is complemented by the ci140sub, with the same four bass drive units operating within the ATL to reproduce additional low-frequency energy.

All speakers are supplied in a black finish, with square perforated bezel-less metal grilles in black or white.

Experience the new install range

Find PMC on Booth SR-9 at Cedia Expo, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, 12 – 14 Sept 2019.

For more information, head on over to PMC.


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