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PMC Distribution UK today announced that it will be adding Martin Logan speakers to its roster of brands. We were the first to break the news via our social channels.

PMC Martin Logan

StereoNET was at the Biggleswade HQ of British loudspeaker heavyweight, PMC to hear an announcement. Could it be a new speaker range? Had they some new electronics? As it turns out, it was something that none of the small band of journalists present had anticipated.

PMC Martin Logan

We were ushered into what could well have been the billiards room of the Georgian revival grand house that is now home to PMC. Either side of a screen sat a pair of speaker-like objects under black covers. Could this be some smaller Fenestrias?

PMC Martin Logan

As it turns out, it was a pair of Martin Logan Masterpiece Expression ESL 13A speakers. Odd, considering that we were in the home of PMC Speakers.

PMC Martin Logan

The announcement today was that PMC's recently formed division, PMC UK Distribution has become the distributor for the prestigious US brand of loudspeakers.


Martin Logan joins Bryston and AVM who PMC has been looking after for a while now. PMC also has a US distribution arm which is currently focusing on the pro audio side of things over there.

As many of you will be aware, Martin Logan is one of the most respected US loudspeaker brands and is exported to over 50 countries around the world.

Martin Logan PMC

PMC Distribution UK, divisional director, Ian Sutton told StereoNET:

The expansion of PMC's own product portfolio, across loudspeakers and amplifiers, plus the distribution of Bryston electronics and the recent addition of AVM, necessitated a separation of the PMC manufacturing and sales divisions in the UK. It enables us to maintain and expand the focus on our home market, meeting the specific needs of the retail and installation sectors through the infrastructure of a dedicated distribution business.

Martin Logan is renowned for its electrostatic panel designs; however, their custom install range is apparently also a strong performer and something that PMC is keen to optimise.

Martin Logan PMC

Sutton adds:

The changing market in the UK, and move towards high-end custom installations, meant we needed to expand our offering in this critical market. Martin Logan, while known most famously for its flat panels, has a very strong and extensive range of lifestyle active subwoofers and installation speakers and is the perfect fit with our other brands and own-brand offering.

PMC will start by strengthening the presence of the flagship Masterpiece series electrostatic loudspeakers in the UK. Naturally, StereoNET will be taking a closer look and will be getting review samples through very soon.

The PMC Distribution UK business is headed by Ian Sutton, with the familiar faces of Tom Barron and Craig Sowerby servicing the retail and installation accounts and Karen King in the sales office as a single point of contact at head office.

Martin Logan PMC

While we were there, we could not resist the opportunity to have a poke around as the PMC flagship Fenestria speakers are tested and constructed in the same building. Check out the additional photos in the gallery below.

For more information, go to Martin Logan.


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