Plixir Perfect Power debuts in the UK

Posted on 25th October, 2019

Plixir Perfect Power debuts in the UK

PLiXiR will be showing a range of high-performance AC and DC power products and accessories at the UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 this weekend.

Making its UK show debut following a deal with Melco Audio’s Surrey-based distributor Audiophile Digital Music Masters (ADMM), we are looking forward to checking out what the Singaporian brand has to offer. We certainly liked the look of their kit at High End Munich.

PLiXiR ADMM Hi-Fi Show Live 2019

The selected PLiXiR products include the Elite BAC (Balanced AC mains) range: Elite BAC 150, 400, and 1500; both Cube BAC models: Cube 8 BAC, plus the Elite BDC (Balanced DC mains) power supply in 2-, 4- and 6-amp configurations. All models are supplied with a generous five-year warranty.  

PLiXiR for Melco Audio 

PLiXiR ADMM Hi-Fi Show Live 2019

Starting on November the 1st, ADMM will be offering a select range of PLiXiR power conditioners. There will also be several standalone DC power supplies to upgrade the performance of Melco Audio digital music libraries and accessories with external universal power supplies. 

Although some of Melco Audio’s devices use a good-quality external universal power supply, many audiophiles understand the improvements gained by upgrading to external linear power supplies. Melco Audio users can immediately take advantage of the following PLiXiR power supplies:

  • Elite BDC 2A (for N100, E100, D100, S100)
  • Elite BDC 4A (for N100 in addition to D100, E100 or S100)
  • Elite Melco Stack (for N100 plus D100, E100 and S100)
  • Elite BAC 1500 AC mains conditioner (for any of Melco Audio’s N1 Series which have internal power supplies. 

Alan Ainslie, ADMM’s General Manager, told StereoNET

Our experience with Melco Audio shows that reducing system noise can offer huge sound quality improvements. Mains noise is becoming a major problem, especially since the introduction Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on roofs as the associated inverters are pretty noisy (electrically) and their effect varies according to sunlight levels. PLiXiR BAC conditioners eliminate the problem both for source components and also for amplification.

Some Melco products (N100, E100, D100, S100) are offered with a universal power supply to keep prices low. However, for keen audiophiles, replacing those supplies with a high-quality DC supply from PLiXiR, brings a major improvement, especially with the N100.

PLiXiR ADMM Hi-Fi Show Live 2019

PLiXiR’s AC and DC power products and accessories, of course, have many applications outside of Melco and the full range of products caters for many requirements, including the BDC NUC, designed expressly for Roon Core devices built around the various Intel NUC boards. 

Check out PLiXiR at UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019

PLiXiR will be making its UK debut in Melco Audio’s room at this weekend’s UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 in room 637/638.

Price and availability

PLiXiR products will be available from November the 1st

AC balanced power

Elite BAC 150 (£750); 400 (£1,500); 1500 (£3,750); 3000 (£5,000) and Cube 8 BAC (£3,250)

DC balanced power

Elite BDC 2A (£500); 4A (£850); 6A (£950); Elite BDC NUC (£750); Elite BDC NUC Stack Melco (£1,750)


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